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About us

Created in 2004 by Jean-Hervé and Myriam Cristol, Destination Surf is now part of Aquaphyle, a major player in board sports for over 25 years! The most famous brand of its group is Fun & Fly, 1st French tour operator specializing in kitesurf and windsurf tour.

We make surf travel easier for you, and accessible to everyone.

DESTINATION SURF has all the official travel agency approvals authorizing the sale of flights, stays, car rentals, travel insurance on its site. With a solid experience of over 25 years in tourism, a few tours of the world of Planet Surf and thousands of travelers with us, our team has selected service providers and owners of accommodation camps, villas, boats for each of your stays cruises and trips on the most beautiful spots in the world.

Each of them corresponds to an aspiration to travel ... Because a Surf trip is first of all a trip, a vacation, and that we want to discover the world and communicate with others on the surfing world, let us guide you through the pages of our site, according to your mood, and get in touch directly with our service providers and owners to build your trip together.

Our values: to share and transmit our passions.

Our priority is to satisfy our customers, we share our knowledge and our experiences in order to facilitate your surf trips. The DS team strives to provide you with tried and tested travel solutions, and tries to adapt to your requests as best as possible. Alone, with friends, families or couples, there is always a solution to your expectations. Several accommodation options too, for beginners and experienced surfers and even ... For non surfers!

Based in Toulouse, our surf consultants Tristan and Géraud have traveled and lived for a long time on the ocean.

Having fun: While remaining professional and attentive, we think that it is essential to have fun in our job and to encourage yourself on a daily basis. DS celebrates every event with great enthusiasm and is proud to share healthy and sporting values.


Your contact in case of dispute and direct referent. If you need advice or other on a destination, Géraud will answer most of your questions.

Géraud fell in love with surfing at the age of 14, in the Basque country, where his grandparents and a good part of his family’s living. Since then, he has traveled a lot of surf destinations and had the chance, at the same time, to discover different cultures. After having validated a Master in tourism and international marketing, and traveled Oceania for 1 year, he gives himself 200% in the adventure Destination-surf, in order to organize the best surf trip possible.

His favorite spots: Snapper rock (Australia), Raglan (New Zealand), cul-nus (France), La Gravière (France)

Travel: Australia, New Zealand, Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Tenerife), Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia


It is among others the marketing manager of the brand. It's hard to know if he prefers to surf on the water or on the web!

His favorite spots: Noosa (Autralie), Taghazout (Morocco) and Contis (France)

Travel: Australia, Morocco, Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Tenerife), Saint Martin, Sri Lanka


Major actress in the strategic decision making of Destination Surf, it is our ambassador and the person who holds the governor of the ship. Laetitia will guide us to success and is able to concoct real dream holidays.

Phone number : +335 673 116 5 

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