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What is Destination Surf ?

DESTINATION SURF is a website specialized in surf travels. Travellers who wish to organize their Surf Trip are put in direct contact with providers or owners of hotels, resorts, Surfcamps, Bed & Breakfasts, Apartments, Villas and also boat charters operators or 4x4 surfaris within close proximity to spots in numerous destinations. By communicating on and experiencing DESTINATION SURF, travellers and providers or properties owners can establish relationships with people all over the world. The surf travellers therefore have access to accommodation in unique surfing zones and thanks to their communication with properties owners on location, they can integrate more easily into surf culture of the country of their destination so as to better plan their trip.

How does Destination Surf’s work ?

There is nothing simpler! After registering for free on the DESTINATION SURF platform, you may select housing and accommodation and organize your trip directly with providers and properties owners. Contact is established via a messaging service devoted to DESTINATION SURF, so that you can ask questions related to accommodation, surf packages, surfing spots and ensure availability on your selected dates. Once all the elements of your trip, including the costs are validated with the provider or property owner, you may reserve and pay online via the DESTINATION SURF website.

Why reserve on DESTINATION SURF instead of directly with service providers or property owners ?

Do you like risks and complications ? Then feel free to spend hours of tedious research on the web, browse complicated foreign websites and worry over not knowing exactly what the service offered is, who your point of contact is and if your purchase was securely made to someone on the other end of the Surf planet !
You’re better off saving your energy to surf the waves… DESTINATION SURF ensures that you avoid any nasty surprises by having pre-selecting partners and property owners as well as their packages.
The range of products are easily identifiable, the packages are classed by category and all accommodation details and surf packages are clearly stated. You will be paying for your trip in euros on a travel agency website that guarantees you secure payment. We also guarantee you the best price, meaning the price that the Provider or Property Owner features in real time on their website. If you find a lower tariff, we will make equal adjustments on the tariff, product, dates and services provided. . Therefore, it is important to stay with DESTINATION SURF for communication and money transfers, so as to benefit from the trust and security that we provide you with.

What guarantees our reservation via Destination Surf ?

DESTINATION SURF is a French travel agency licensed by the government. By booking on DESTINATION SURF, thanks to our secure payment system, we avoid any possible hazardous money transfers to the other side of the world not knowing exactly what account your payment has been made to. . Our priorities, are trust, assurance and security in our site. We do our utmost to ensure that our travellers do not encounter any bad experiences.

Can the provider or property owner contact me outside of DESTINATION SURF ?

Our Providers and Property Owners are respectful of our partnership and the contract signed with our site. They recognize that it is in their interest to be featured on DESTINATION SURF and regarding their featured services have agreed to maintain all communication and transactions with you via the messaging service provided to you on DESTINATION SURF. If your transactions take place outside of the site and we do not have any traces of these transactions then we will be unable to process any complaints. If you try to share your addresses or phone numbers prior to the reservation being validated on our site, this information will be automatically deleted. If your transactions take place directly with the service provider or the property owner, we will not take any responsibility for the services provided and reserve the right to close your account indefinitely for not following the rules and regulations of the site.

What is the company status of DESTINATION SURF ?

DESTINATION SURF is a French travel agency presenting all the guarantees and official authorizations since its creation in 2004, permitting the sales of travel services/packages on its website.


How do I register on DESTINATION SURF ?

Register and creating an account on DESTINATION SURF is easy and FREE ! 2 registration options are available to you  : - The quickest, by using : “Connect with Facebook” - If you do not want to connect via Facebook, you can simply create an account with your email address. After registering, we will ask you some questions regarding your surf profile, so as to know your travel expectations.

I forgot my password, what should I do ?

If you forgot your password, click on the link “Password Forgotten” located in “Login”. Enter the email address used to register on DESTINATION SURF and we will send you a link via email to reset your password.

How can I change the email address used on DESTINATION SURF ?

You can change the email address that you used on DESTINATION SURF by going to -> Change my profile. You can modify and enter a new email address in the field provided. Once the modification is made, click on the button Save.

How can I cancel my DESTINATION SURF account ?

We are sorry that you have left us to check out other spots ! If you wish to close your account, please send us an email to : Support To reactivate your account, you should contact our Support service : Support DESTINATION SURF reserves the right, as mentioned in General Booking Terms and Conditions to suspend or deactivate your account (this is also applied to applications being processed). Please read our General Booking Terms and Conditions properly

I received an email that does not seem to come from a Destination Surf service provider or property owner, what should I do ?

All legitimate payments pass through our site. If you receive an email in your personal inbox (not related our internal messaging service), an email from a person, including a user name which may be username@destination-surf.com, asking you to pay or accept a payment outside of the site, do not open the message and warn us immediately at : contact@destination-surf.com. We use a proper and unique messaging service and not a hotmail linked to your personal email inbox. Therefore, you should not receive a PDF invoice or paper from the service provider or DESTINATION SURF asking you to pay. Each of the following key words or any similar terms should immediately alert you and be reported: Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank cheque, mandate postal, Liberty Reserve. You should only receive email notifications from DESTINATION SURF in your personal hotmail, so as to notify you that you have a new message from a provider or Property Owner and a link to the messaging service of DESTINATION SURF so as to consult the message.

Are my personal details saved ?

The website www.destination-surf.com has been declared in the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés or National Commission for Data Protection) under N° 1704562. DESTINATION SURF ensures that your data is secure and will not be transmitted to a third party. You may at any time, consult and modify all information that we save on your profile or in your ads. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 78-17 from January 6, 1978 modified, at any point in time, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete your personal data and information. You have the possibility of exercising this right on the Site by contacting the webmaster of the site www.destination-surf.com via the email address : contact@destination-surf.com
Or via post :
2 rue Louise Weiss - Appartement F61 - 31200 Toulouse - FRANCE


What does the Dashboard of my Personal Space contain ?

So as to facilitate the organization of your surf trip, after registering on our site, DESTINATION SURF puts at your disposal, a unique purchasing system to manage your trips. A customisable organization of your Surf trip ! You therefore have access to a Personal Space called “Dashboard” that has different functionalities :

  • Account : Manage your logins, personal information, account settings, wishlist (list of a selection of your preferred products)
  • Messaging Service : Your platform for exchange with the service provider or property owner on information and follow up on your file of selected packages up until the validation of your reservation.
  • Reservations : Check the statement of your Quotes, Requests, Travel files, Bills, Travel documents
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Your reviews and comments on your holidays. This information is useful to share with other surfers who use the site.

How can I access the messaging service from my Dashboard ?

You should first register on DESTINATION SURF and be connected to your account to receive and send messages to our providers and property owners regarding the package that interests you. To establish contact with a provider or a property owner, use the button “Contact – Reservation” on the page of the ad so as to send them a request and ask any questions. A pre-formatted message with an integrated translation option, so as to avoid any language barriers, will allow you to ask questions and formulate your request directly to our provider or property owner, who will respond to you in under 48 hours (keeping in mind the different time zone). Clear and open questions are a very good way for our partners and property owners to understand and define your expectations. You will also be notified each time a new message is received via an email alert at the email address you input in your profile. The message is accessible by clicking on the link that will redirect you to your DESTINATION SURF messaging service.
Reminder: The internal messaging system of Destination Surf is exclusive to our website. It is not a hotmail and has no connection with your personal email subscribed to a internet service provider such as Hotmail.com or others.

How can I read my messages and communicate with the service providers and property owners?  ?

All sent and received messages are saved in your inbox. If you are connected to the site on your account, an icon representing an envelope will appear at the top of the page so as to notify you that you have mail. Simply click on the icon and you will be redirected to your inbox in your Dashboard. Click on the message to see the entire discussion thread. So, you should use this secure and integrated messaging service on DESTINATION SURF to manage all aspects of your trip. At any moment, you may choose the following options :

  • “Book now”: when you decide you would like to make a reservation
  • “I am no longer interested”: the service provider our property owner will know that you are no longer interested in their offer.
  • “Send a message”: You can continue communicating with the service provider or property owner to get more information.


How do I reserve and proceed to payment ?

Before validating your trip with the service provider or property owner, we advise you to confirm with them via our messaging service all details regarding the accommodation, the surfing services (lessons, equipment rental…), the total amount and the service details, inclusive of taxes and services. If you agree with the quote, click on “Book Now” to begin the reservation process. You may consult the detail of services on your pro forma bill so as to verify the different items. You will be redirected to the online payment system of DESTINATION SURF to pay by Credit Cards - Visa, Mastercard. A summary and invoice of your trip will be available in a PDF file attached to your Dashboard -> My reservations. You will receive a message confirming your payment and the status of your application (Deposit paid, Balance remaining and Paid) will be featured in your Dashboard -> My Reservations. Once you have paid the balance of your trip, the travel documents (voucher) will be accessible in your Dashboard -> Travel Documents/Vouchers. These travel vouchers are your proof of payment to the Service Provider or Property Owner. You should print them before departure and present them to the Provider or Property owner upon arrival. Depending on their location, some providers or properties owners may add taxes. If they add any extra charges or taxes to the product offer, we request that they are explicit and indicate the amount and the description of the total price in their offer or while communicating with you. We remind you that as per our General Terms and Conditions, all money transfers should be made on the DESTINATION SURF site so as to benefit from the security of the transaction. We do not hold any responsibility of any money transfers made outside of our site.

I have a problem with my credit card

We do not currently accept all credit cards. Contact your bank to ask if your credit card is able to make online transactions. On entering information regarding your credit card, please ensure that the information you have entered is correct and that your card is not expired. Sometimes, your credit card may be refused without reason by your bank due to the allowed amount not being permitted. Check with your bank.

What are the booking conditions ?

- For all bookings made earlier than 60 days before departure date :
Deposit of 30%
The balance should be paid 60 days before departure - For all bookings made later than 60 days before departure date :
The total amount of the trip should be paid at the time of the booking - Apartment and Villa Rentals : 50% should be paid at reservation
Deposit not refundable in case of cancellation at any date
The balance should be paid 90 days before departure. Boat Charters : 50% should be paid at reservation
Deposit not refundable in case of cancellation at any date
The balance must be paid 90 days before departure The full payment of the cost of the cruise will be required for all bookings made later than 90 days before departure date.

What are the conditions if I decide to cancel my purchased trip ?

All cancellations should be notified to DESTINATION SURF by email : Reservation with a “Read Request”. Cancellation costs will be incurred by you. The amount varies depending on timing of the cancellation. The cancellation fee will be deducted from the deposit or from the total amount paid at the time of booking. DESTINATION SURF will refund the difference by bank transfer or cheque. Any bank charges will be incurred to you. The date of receipt of the email notification determines the effective date of cancellation. The reimbursement of the sum paid will take place after deduction of the amounts (cancellation fee) specified below for retraction depending on the cancellation date compared to the date of departure.

  • From the time of reservation to earlier than 60 days before departure date : Loss of the deposit
  • Between 60 and 46 days before departure date : 50% of the total amount for the trip
  • Between 45 and 21 days before departure date : 75% of the total amount for the trip
  • As of 20 days before departure date : 100% of the amount for the trip
  • Boat Charters :

  • Cancellation made earlier than 90 days before departure date : Loss of the 50% deposit
  • As of 90 days before departure date : 100% of the total amount for the trip
  • Apartment and Villa Rentals :

  • From the time of reservation to earlier than 60 days before departure date : 50% of the total rent amount
  • Between 60 and 30 days before departure date : 75% of the total rent amount
  • Later than 30 days before departure date : 100% of total rent amount

If the number of participants is not matched on certain activities, notably Boat Charters, DESTINATION SURF and providers reserve the right to cancel the trip till 21 days before departure. If for reason of cancellation, the number of participants booked is reduced (e.g.: boat cruise) the cost for the other participants may be modified and increased, as mentioned on your quotation. We recommend that you buy a Travel Insurance that will cover you in case of cancellation.

Can I add to or modify my purchased trip ?

Not a problem ! To add to a service or modify it, you just need to notify us by e-mail : reservation@destination-surf.com with a “Read Request”. For every added service to a confirmed reservation, no additional fees will be requested by DESTINATION SURF.
On the other hand, any cancellations regarding a confirmed reservation, will incur costs per person (not refundable by insurance companies in cases of cancellation) : More than 60 days before departure= 30€ Between 60 and 30 days before departure=50€ As of 30 days before departure=70€ If the change made by you affects a number of participants on certain activities, notably Boat charters or Surfari itineraries, the Provider or Property owner reserves the right to cancel the trip. On the other hand, if for reasons of modification, the number of reserved participants is reduced or increased, the fees for the other participants will be readjusted by the service provider.

What do I do if I face a problem while on vacation ?

Your travel voucher states and guarantees the exact details of the services and information regarding your trip as well as the contact details of the provider or property owner of the place you will be staying. Our partners will do their best to resolve any problems that you may encounter on vacation. In case of any difficulty or major problem related to non-compliance of the service, we will do everything we can to assist you. Please send us an email : Support


Do you offer group trips for surfers ?

Some destinations and product lines lend themselves particularly to travel in Groups of friends Our providers and properties owners will know how to respond to you and provide you with information and packages adapted to planning these special kinds of trips.

Surfer Level and Wave Types - How to know what to choose ?

We offer selected accommodation based on the criteria of waves and the level of the surfer. Internationally, most trips are in zones with a diversity of spots covering all surf levels. The providers or property owners will know how to indicate what spots are most adapted to your surfing level and style after communicating with you via our messaging service. . If you really are a beginner, choose the section "Your Surf Trip" -> Beginner, from the Home Page for our selection of accommodation with dedicated packages. Same, if you do Stand Up Paddle, Longboard or Bodyboard, we have a selection of vacations adapted to your activity available in the section “Your Surf Trip” on home page.

What about the Surf Trips reserved for “Girls Only” ?

These trips take place in accommodation in packages exclusively dedicated to girls. The housing is provided in the same way, based on your choice and the type of trip offered (dormitory, double room to share, private room). Activities are adapted : Surf lessons, yoga, fitness, surf trips, land or sea excursions.
Whether you go alone or with your girlfriends, relish and take pleasure in the security of a holiday where you can enjoy your activities to the fullest, at your pace and benefit from appropriate facilities.

What is my wishlist ?

Did you fall in love with one of our packages and want to share it or ensure you do not forget it ? Add it to your Wishlist. The option is available in the search results on the page of the selected package. Your list of favourites is a mean of selecting, saving and sharing your best planned Surf Trips discovered via the Offers on our site. To add and save the Product to your wishlist, you just need to click on the field Wishlist on the page of the product that interests you. So, you can request information on any of the saved packages, or reserve them by consulting your Wishlist folder in your Dashboard.

How does the Toolbar “Search, Consulted products, Compared Products” accessible at the bottom of the page, work ?

We have provided a unique tool that allows you find all your past searches, product selections and compared products upon every return to the site. Ingenious and easy ! All your historical searches by day and hour and consulted products are saved in the history and available each time you wish (except if you delete your computer cache). Likewise, use the button “Compare” on the Product Sheet. You can therefore compare packages by reading the packages’ characteristics, up to 3 simultaneously. These compared elements will be saved in your Toolbar, accessible at the bottom of the page.

Who’s who in Destination Surf ?

Mail addresses reserved to user Clients : contact@destination-surf.com
For any question or general information you would like to get or communicate to/from Destination Surf. support@destination-surf.com
Only to be used in case of a technical problem linked to your user account or an issue seen on your Dashboard (logins, connection…) reservation@destination-surf.com
In case of a problem related to your application, payment invoice or any element related to your booked reservation or reservation that is being processed and that wasn’t solved between you and the Service Provider directly. Mail addresses reserved to Pro Business Service (Surf providers, properties owners, Surf Brands and Surf companies…) : business@destination-surf.com
For all requests for information on partnership, membership and miscellaneous commercial questions. media@destination-surf.com
For all requests on advertisement partnerships (banners, public spaces, social networks or miscellaneous commercial partnerships) supportpro@destination-surf.com
In case of technical problems related to your Pro account (service providers), Dashboard, filling of your product sheets, billing or any services related to your client.

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