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PHILIPPINES - An Eco Resort located on Siargo Island, facing the famous Cloud 9 world spot.
Kalinaw means "Calm & serendipity" in Philipino dialect...

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KALINAW RESORT From 1155€ for 7 nigths

Asia > Philippines > Siargao

On the Spot - Family - Solo Travellers > Resorts / Boutique Hotels, Eco friendly & Sustainable Resorts
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Head Points Combo

  • On the Spot
  • Family
  • Solo Travellers
  • On spot
  • Languages : French / English / Dutch

Head Points Accommodation

  • Double
  • Suite
  • Bungalow
  • Sea view
  • Breakfast
  • Half Board
  • Full Board
  • Services Included : Wifi / TV in Room / Swimming Pool
  • Services non Included : Spa & Wellness

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : August / September / October / November
  • Photographer / Videographer
  • Waves Levels : Easy / Classic
  • Ability Level : Beginner / Advanced / Confirmed


Siargao Island , known as the " Jewels of the Philippines" is known worldwide for its famous Cloud 9 surf wave , one of the most beautiful surfable tubes in the world.
Siargao but is much more than a surf spot!

Kalinaw resort is the fulfillment of the dream of two French designers , both inspired by art , architecture , fashion and respect for the environment. A site where ecology is a virtue.

The combination of these inspirations can be found in this beautiful place .
Located 500 meters from the spot "Cloud 9" , the resort faces a sublime lagoon.

Kalinaw Visaya dialect resulting in " peaceful " , you will discover the true sense of the word ...

Siargao Island offers a myriad of surf spots . Some are known as Cloud 9 , other less known, but very different and intense. You will always find some of what surfing.

Kalinaw resort offers more than luxurious villas facing the lagoon , at any hour of the day, you can sample our cuisine on the terrace of the restaurant or enjoy a cocktail with friends. WiFi is available throughout the complex.
Our staff will ensure that your stay with us is as idyllic as possible.

Comfortable, spacious , our lobby is a lounge with views of the lagoon and tropical garden .
Located at the entrance of the restaurant , you will find at your disposal various books and magazines , surf art , but also skateboarding or fashion.
WiFi is at your disposal for your e -mail and internet consultations.
This is the perfect place to relax after a long journey , sipping an exotic cocktail.

Services Included

  • Wifi
  • TV in Room
  • Swimming Pool

Services non Included

  • Spa & Wellness

Other Services

After a good session of Surf spots around at all hours of the day, massage, aromatherapy, Swedish or shiatsu, on request.
This is an opportunity to relax for an hour in your villa, on a terrace or even on the lawn and enjoy a cup of green tea ...


Siargao Island , known as the " Jewels of the Philippines " is a bunch of diversity that gives you the opportunity to discover all its secrets.

Siargao is known worldwide for its famous Cloud 9 surf wave , one of the finest tubes in the world, but is much more than Siargao surfing spot.
Let us guide you and you will understand why Siargao is truly one of the jewels of the Philippines.

One of the most beautiful spots of the island, motorcycle or van, a journey through a decorative coconut plantations and rice fields . On the road , you will appreciate the warmth and legendary hospitality of the Filipinos through the cheers of village children .

After a journey of about an hour, you can swim in the incredible natural pools Magpupungko , you will also see impressive rock formations, animated by the sound of waves violently fail not far away at all.
A corner of peace amidst the chaos marine , where you will appreciate how nature point is exceptional.

After surfing, you can discover the time a half-day , three beautiful islands Guyam , Dako and Naked Island.
These three islands have their specificity. One is a sand , sun and crystal clear water of the lagoon. The second, larger has a traditional village facing the most beautiful beach in the area . The last is a small island with coconut trees, a perfect place for a picnic after snorkeling .

Getaway motorcycle or van about an hour away and swim in the natural pools Magpupunko incredible and impressive rock formations, led by the waves that wash violently while not far away ..
On the road, while traveling through a decor coconut plantations and rice paddies , enjoy the warmth and legendary hospitality of the Filipinos .


Kalinaw offers the best in comfort .
All villas are equipped with a 30m2 terrace facing the beach.
You can enjoy the view over the lagoon from within , thanks to large windows but also from a spacious private terrace.
The villas have been individually designed with high quality materials to provide you with all the necessary comforts . Each style is a mix between modernity and tradition.

Piscine privee
Surface: 170 m2 - Up to 6 persons
2 bedrooms with views over the lagoon
2 bathrooms with 2 toilets spéparés
Jacuzzi - Spacious terrace of 56 m2
King size bed and Queen size
2 sofa / convertible single bed
Top quality mattresses - Cotton sheets , goose down pillows
42 inch flat screen TV - Satellite and DVD player
Silent air conditioning system - fan
Fridge and mini bar
Closet clothing
Rain shower - Products toiletries - Set of towels
Free WiFi

Surface: 96 m2 - Lagoon view - Spacious terrace with lounge
King Size Bed - 2 sofa / convertible single bed
Top quality mattresses - Cotton sheets , goose down pillows
Silent air conditioning system - fan
Satellite TV and DVD player
Fridge and mini bar
Closet clothing
Rain shower - Luxurious bathroom - Set of towels - Hot water pressure - separate WC
Free WiFi

Meal Plan

Our restaurant blends local flavors and fragrances of a generous Mediterranean cuisine.
Our menus are prepared with fresh local products.
Our Italian wood oven is one of our key pieces, we bake a sublime Italian pizza, bread, but also many other dishes.
Enjoy a French breakfast, eating delicious grilled meat or taste the flavor of the many local seafood.

Facing the lagoon, Kalinaw bar is open to anyone who wants to taste our Italian espresso, a drink with friends while listening to our music selection. You can also eat some snacks.

Sport Services

Siargao Island offers a myriad of surf spots.
Some are known as Cloud 9, where every September the surf brand Billabong Billabong Cloud 9 organizes Invitational surfing competition known.
The hotel is 500 m from the wave, you can walk there every morning.

Many spots are less known, but very different and intense. If you are looking for the big wave, know that the high surf season begins in August and lasts until November.
However, you are sure to always find something to surf.

We will tell you where to rent equipment if needed and how to get to the spots.


Its geographical location also offers the island 's famous surfing wave to the world renowned known as Cloud 9 .
Most of the year , the island enjoys the dry season. The rainy season starts by mid - December to end February.
The temperature of the water and the air are so very nice, and the scenery is different from that offered by the island during the dry season. This is the perfect place to experience a variety of landscapes .
One can surf all year round on the island during the dry season as pleasant for a stay from March to May

Overall nothing but vague enough sharpened coral ...
Affordable but the days when the swell is not " on fire"

Coral background sometimes sharp enough - Provide slippers
Not bad algae in some places.
The premises are very welcoming and it is not the crowd with water.

Particularly influenced by typhoons that form in the China Sea , the Philippines islands suffer the NE monsoon , from October to February , the most favorable for surfing waves from 0.50 to 1.50 meter period .

SW monsoon brings some nice swells from July to September but a lot of moisture. The months of April-June receive little wave .

Apart from some affordable spots for beginners , the required level is rather surf through to advanced .

Cloud 9 : Wave renowned beautiful place just outside the hotel - No need to ship - great view - Right fairly short , but guaranteed gaping tubes !
Dako : Facing Island Dako, this line is perfect for beginners who want to improve themselves . Funny , long and sometimes tubesque , Dako is very popular and less crowded than Cloud 9 .
It is easy to reach by boat spot .
Tuason Point : A hollow left with little background - Walking beyond 1.20 meters . For advanced surfers .
Cemetery : Left and right at the same time , it is the only spot that works at low tide. Soft and pretty easy this wave will give you a good feeling of riding. Located on the reef face at the resort , you can take a boat or simply crossing the lagoon rowing .
Barrio : On Daco Island 4 km offshore. A long straight friendly.
Pancit Reef : Brain on a reef off - A consistent long wave, which takes out the fat. Walking at low tide - North of Cloud 9 .
Pacifico : A superb left on the reef. An hour boat Kalinaw Resort . Walking through all tides .
Stimpies : Left world class - 10 minutes from the hotel Kalinaw . A locomotive bearing down on the rails , for all sizes. Epic Wave impressive - For advanced surfers .
Rock Island : 10 minutes by boat Kalinaw Resort - A long straight and regular fun .
Jacking Horse : Right nervous but pleasant surfing . Friendly means for surfers when it is small .

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 0°C (Summer) / 0°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 0°C (Summer) / 0°C (Winter)

Surf Story

Between Asia and the Pacific.
Mix of Asian and Polynesian culture.Complete escape in delicate and virgin waves, at the end of an exotic trip.We all have in mind the image of Coppola’s movie Apocalypse Now, with this guy surfing within a tropical scenery.
Philippines has also a musty tastes of Malaysian, Chinese and Spanish influence and is also an extremely kind nation.Several clean zones to surf at: Badoc in NW of Luzon, Majestics on Catanduances and Cloud 9, the famous right on Siargo’s island.
The Philippines, a wild and quality surf trip…


Prehistory and Antiquity – The archipelago is populated by waves following one another coming from the Asian continent, Indonesia and Malaysia.
At the beginning of the 14th century, the Muslims arrive in Sulu’s archipelago.

In 1571 – the whole archipelago, except Sulu Islands, Islamic ones, is under the Spanish domination. Manila becomes the capital.
19th century – The Philippines’ patriotism is increasing.
Around the early 19th century, at the end of the Spanish-American war while the Filipinos fought with the Americans, the United States take the archipelago over.

1946 – The Independence is declared.
1965 – Ferdinand Marcos is elected President of The Philippines.
1986 - Corazón Aquino, Beringo’s widow, win the Presidential elections. Marcos is exiled.In the beginning of 1991 – The United States undertakes to withdraw their last military bases


The Philippines constitutes an archipelago of 7 107 islands, with a total land area of approximately 300 000 km².
The territorial waters surrounding the archipelago totalize 1 123 000 km² where many marine species of warm waters live.
The outspread of agricultural lands is estimated at 9 700 000 hectares, whereas the wood lands is 5 493 000 hectares.Most of the mountainous islands are covered with tropical forests and have volcanic origins.
The highest point is Mount Apo on Mindanao at 2 954 m. Many volcanoes like Pinatubo are still active.

The islands are divided in three groups: Luzon (Region I to V), Visayas (VI to VIII) and Mindanao (IX to XIII).
Manila’s port, on Luzon Island, is the national capital and the second largest city after Quezon City.Luzon is the widest island and the most Northern.
The Visayas, in the central Philippines, is composed of a group of tropical beaches bordered by the warm seas. And finally, Sulu Islands and Mindanao, the second island of the archipelago by its total area, in the South.


The French nationals who have a passport whose validity goes beyond 6 months will not need a visa if they do not stay longer than 21 days.Manila is the national capital of the Philippines.

Filipino (based on the Tagalog language) and English are the official languages. Then, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Ilocano and Spanish are also spoken.

No vaccine is required, but it can be useful to take a prevention treatment against malaria and get a vaccine against Hepatitis B.

When it is noon in Paris, it is 6.PM in summer and 7.PM in winter.

The Philippines have a tropical climate, warm and humid all year long.The archipelago is divided in several climatic zones, dry season and humid season shifting from one another.
On the whole, the dry season goes from January to June and the rainy season from July to December. January is usually the coolest month and May the hottest, but the average temperature sets up at 25°C all year long.
Typhoons come along with the monsoon, between May and November.

There is only one railroad network system that connects Manila to Naga in the South of Luzon.
Long distances are taken care of by buses and minibusesMany ferries and boats operate between the islands. In the local transportation means, you can also find “Jeepneys” (old American jeeps modified in an original way).

220 V, 60 Hz

The Philippine peso is the official currency (PHP). The USD is the currency the most accepted and it is often easier (and cheaper) to exchange dollars instead of travellers’ checks.
Rates are especially reasonable on big denominations, but only good conditions bills are accepted. Most banks exchange travellers’ checks issued by the main agencies.You can use MasterCard and Visa in the ATM machines, widespread in the islands.

Price from

1155€ for 7 nigths

Price includes

- Welcome drink
- Daily breakfast
- Complimentary WIFI 
- Use of our kayaks

Rates & Packages

VILLA TYPE Prix / Nuit / 2 Pers
Price / Night / 2 Pers
Pers Supp / Nuit
Extra Adult / Night
Enfant / Nuit (-12ans)
Extra Kid / Night (Under 12 Y)
DELUXE VILLA 165 eur 35€ 20€
POOL SUITE VILLA 270 eur 50€ 25€

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