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  • Services Included : Spots transfers / TV / Video / Games Room / Conference Facilities

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Surfers: 10 surfers max.
Staff: 4 + 2 (dhoni)

Technical data :
Year of construction: 2002 (redone in 2014)
Length: 25m
Width: 6m
Cruising speed: 8-9 knots
Engine: Doosan 280 Cv
Watermaker: 3000 L per day, Aqua Reef
Electricity: 110/220 V (2 Stamegna soundproof generators), UK plugs

Total of 6 cabins, comfortable with air conditioning, porthole, private bathroom, hot and cold water:
- 2 double cabins (for couples, number 2 and 5)
- 4 cabins with bunk beds.

Services on board:
1 annex of 15 Cv
1 dhoni of 12m
Dining table indoor / Outdoor Inside (front)
Shaded upper deck for sunbathing, surf check and boardbags
Stereo, TV, DVD, games, mobile phone
1 BBQ evening on the island
Fishing gear

Security & Navigation
Lifejackets, buoys, fire extinguishers
Compass, Maps and GPS

Services Included

  • Spots transfers
  • TV / Video / Games Room
  • Conference Facilities

Other Activities

  • Fishing



Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll is the largest of the Maldives and the deepest in the world. It is located in the lower part of the southern atolls, with the Gaafu Alifu atoll constituting its upper part. Since the beginning of the 90s, safari boats come from Malé to benefit from the regularity of its surf spots and its fishy bottoms. However, 3 days by boat from Male (the sea is sometimes rough), Gaafu Dhaalu is not the most easily accessible destination, especially since the fuel costs are higher to get there than in Paris. other atolls. With the opening of the Kooddoo Airport in September 2012, Gaadu Dhaalu is becoming more and more attractive to surfers. Today, 3 resorts are under construction on the atoll, Ayada Maldives being the first to be already open.

Many spots, affordable lefts, optimal swell exposure.

As for the density of spots, Gaafu Dhaalu competes with Male North with no less than 28 breaks referenced on some maps. Spotlights like Blue Bowls and Tigers Stripes are real swell magnets because of their orientation. Here, the slightest south swell, wherever it comes from, will cause waves. In return, this exposure to wind makes navigation sometimes less pleasant and generates line-up a little messy.

Once arrived at the airport Kaadeddhoo (KDM), not to be confused with that of Kaddhoo (KDO) in Laamu, you are 2 hours from Fiyoari / Beacons, a crazy right when the wind is good (it's quite rare ) and 3 hours from Blue Bowls, the spot that works the best of the atoll. If Blue Bowls and 5-islands are the best straight, you can also quickly go by boat to Love Charms and Tiger Stripes, 2 very regular left even when the onshore wind (and it is not too powerful). The spots of Gaafu Alifu are also very little surf, just like the waves of the KDM airport, which work with NE-SE winds.

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 27°C (Summer) / 27°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 25°C (Summer) / 25°C (Winter)


Price from

2350€ for 10 nigths

Price includes

Boat 25m long x 6m wide. 5 double cabins with air conditioning and bathroom. Lower deck. Dhoni, good Maldivian surfguide, great fishing enthusiasts, great experience in the region.

Only boat to do all the season in this atoll.

Trip of 10 nights, guaranteed departure (10 beds in total, 5 cabins available)

235 € per day ie 2350 € for the trip

Includes a surf guide and domestic flights (about 420 usd)

Rates & Packages

Dates Lits dispos
06 - 16 avril 3
17 - 27 avril 4
07 - 17 mai 2
28 mai - 07 juin 10
07 - 17 juin 10
17 - 27 juin 10
31 juillet - 10 aout 10
10 - 20 aout 10
31 aout - 10 sept 10
10 - 20 septembre 10
01 - 11 octobre 10
21 - 31 octobre 10

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