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MADAGASCAR -  On Sarodrano beach in the bay of Saint Augustine 25 km south of Tulear (20 km from the airport) between sea and cliffs in a protected area, ideal zone for water sports.

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RESIDENCE EDEN ECOLODGE From 250€ for 7 nigths

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On the Spot - Family - Groups - Solo Travellers > Surfcamps, B&B / Guesthouses, Eco friendly & Sustainable Resorts, Luxury Hotels
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Head Points Combo

  • On the Spot
  • Family
  • Groups
  • Solo Travellers
  • On spot
  • More than 10 mn walk from spots
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Excursions
  • Languages : French / English / Spanish

Head Points Accommodation

  • Double
  • Twin
  • Family Suite
  • Suite
  • Single
  • Bungalow
  • Sea view
  • Breakfast
  • Half Board
  • Full Board
  • Vegetarian - Kosher
  • Packed lunch
  • Children / Teens Activities
  • Nany Service
  • Services Included : Wifi / Internet station / TV / Video / Games Room / Parking / Conference Facilities
  • Services non Included : Spots transfers / Airport transfers / Spa & Wellness / Laundry

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : All year
  • Surf Lessons
  • Equipment Rental
  • Guiding Pack
  • Equipment Pack
  • Waves Levels : Easy / Classic / Consistant
  • Spots Type : Coral / Rock / Sand / Reef break
  • Ability Level : Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Confirmed


Residence Eden Ecolodge is located on the beach in Sarodrano Bay Saint Augustine 25 km south of Tulear (20 km from the airport) between sea and cliffs in a protected nature reserve, where water sports area are greats.
It is run by a French couple Laurence and Jean Philippe installed for several years and who know the area, the spots and the most suited
formulas to kite surfing or fishing.

In this politically stable region, the flora and fauna are endemic.
The view of the ocean is exceptional.
The Lodge is close to the airport airport TULEAR which became international with a weekly flight to LA REUNION since December 2011.
This has the advantage of having short time transfers on arrival, which is unfortunately not the case in many parts of Madagascar where the routes are long and tiring.

The Eco Lodge is near a protected Vezos village, exceptional fishing tribe, one of eighteen Malagasy ethnic groups who knows perfectly the nature, plants and marine environment of the site and provide a deep respect of the site.
This is a real immersion for travelers who can rub if they wish everyday life of the Vezos.
In a spirit of sustainable
and intelligent tourism, the Lodge has integrated quality local materials (rosewood, katafay, local stone ...) and manages its water and electricity with a rational way (recycling, solar panels, treatment).

You will be amazed by this place far from the modern world and facing the lagoon every evening you will enjoy the pleasure of your surf session around a good beer with friends.

Services Included

  • Wifi
  • Internet station
  • TV / Video / Games Room
  • Parking
  • Conference Facilities

Services non Included

  • Spots transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Laundry

Other Services

The Lodge offers free Wi-Fi, Satellite TV.

The Lodge has worked extensively on health, both staff and on restaurants and hotels services, a point that is often lacking in the country.
The Lodge has partnership with clinical St Luke in Tulear for first aid procedures or cares.
Tulear has well stocked pharmacies and you can find nearly all current medications in addition to those brought regularly from France by the owners of the Lodge.


Outdoor activities provided :
Petanque, trampoline and canoes to ride in the lagoon or in the vicinity.

Are also available (paying) :
Kite Surf
Water skiing, banana boat

Other Activities

  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Excursions


10 rooms or bungalows with all comfort with private bathrooms. Hot and cold water (solar water heater).
Fans in all rooms
Electricity 24/24 (solar panels, wind turbine with rescue group).
Private terraces with sea or cliff view.

Meal Plan

Yacht Club of Ambanilia is open daily.
French, Madagascar and Thailand
Varied menu with dishes of fish, meat and seafood

Continental breakfast: 18 000 Ariary or € 5.30
Card three options: (choice of dishes)
Menu 1 dish with vegetables  25 000 Ariary or € 7.50
2-course meal with vegetable:  30 000 Ariary or € 8.90
3 course menu with vegetables 35000 Ariary or € 10.70

Child menu  (-12 years): AR 18000 or € 5.30

Sport Services

For surfing, Jean Philippe will give you the program and spots, as well as the organization.

The surf and kite activities take place on the hôtel or proximity The site is really suitable with the warm breezes of the afternoon in the lagoon. We can surfing in the morning and kitesurfing in the afternoon.

The Lodge can arrange trips on the island of Nosy Ve with lobster picnics on the beach and surfing.


From April to August, the good season to surf, the water is fresh early in the morning (around 25°C). Air temperature from 29° to 32°C.
No wind, or slightly offshore.The other months, water temperature from 25° to 29°C and air temperature from 32° to 40°C and above. Not very humid, so very dry, watch the vegetation. You do not sweat or very little, perfect weather. No mosquitoes around.
Not much swell, in February and March but years are following one another but do not look alike. It is common to see a regular 1 meter swell, every week.
Generally, there are swells all year long, but more often in the afternoons with cross shore sometimes offshore wind, perfect for kite surfers/surfers.

You can easily imagine the great surfing possibilities. Perfect safe and legendary sessions on many spots completely empty. You will be the only one riding, how nice !
Sharks…none, far away out at sea ; they have enough to live on.
The continental shelf is flat and not deep, no low bottom, no underwater holes, no freshets nor rivers, no lagoon, no fairway.
Deep waters of the Mozambique channel are located after the barrier about 12 km out at sea.

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 35°C (Summer) / 28°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 32°C (Summer) / 22°C (Winter)

Surf Story

Vast land, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, between Reunion and South Africa.
As everyone knows, communication is not easy and the distances are extreme therefore there are still hundreds of spots to be discovered.
A wild surfing continent within a magical setting, waves and waves again, pushed by Southern hemisphere swells, in the mild waters of the Indian Ocean.


Out at sea, the animal life is exceptional. You have very good chances to see humpback whales from June to September. Huge sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins plough the shore.
On land, you can find two endemic preserved tortoises: the “pyxis” tortoise, extremely rare and the “radiated” tortoise, more common but unfortunately too much wanted for its meat and the illegal exportation towards foreign countries.
The thorn bush of the “Androy” region is the ring-tailed lemur’s playground.
You can also find some skeletons and egg fossils of Aepyornis (giant ostrich of about 300 kilograms and 3 meters high). Tortured by ruined mountain masses, great spaces opening to a world out of time, arid and mysterious lands, thorn bush, populations of preserved morals, stripped beauty…
The Malagasy’s primitive South does not leave out the amazing natural and human wealth.

The “Great South” is about getting authentic emotions back and those hundreds of covered kilometres on sandy trails; those ends of the world’s pieces, those lost villages in the middle of a unique nature where time stands still.


Every foreigner willing to go to Madagascar has to have a passport with a validity of at least 6 months. In this paper must appear the Visa for tourism stay (non-immigrant) to enter the country.
The Visa is delivered by the diplomatic representations or the Malagasy consulate, either in the airport or in the seaport in exchange of the right corresponding fee.Non-immigrant visas below 3 months are extendible with the central police station for a total stay no going beyond 3 months.

French and Malagasy

HEALTH : It is strongly advised to go see your doctor and update your vaccines.
Coming from Europe, no vaccine is compulsory. In case of extendible stay in the bush, vaccines against Tetanus, Polio, Typhoid and Hepatitis A and B are recommended.
Due to the lack of medical infrastructures in most of the territory, it is advisable to subscribe to an international repatriation insurance.There is absolutely no mosquitoes around (dry climate) and in Tana (1400 m), mosquitoes are not virulent. The best anti-malaria drug: Malarone.

GMT + 3 hours.
When you call from France at 9.AM, it is 11.AM in Antananarivo. When it is summer time in Europe, the difference is only an hour ahead. The sun rises around 6.AM during the dry season (May to October) and the sun set around 5.30 PM.
On the other hand during the rain season (December to April), the sun rises around 5.AM and sun sets occur around 7.PM.

The Androy region: the thorn country ! Arid weather all year long. No rain, a strong sun, here it is eternal summer. A nice thermal wind and this becomes an inferno for mosquitoes.

A very dry weather, unique in the Indian Ocean. Some unusual rains from December to March only. Seasons are pronounced by the temperature differences. From 25° to 30°C in winter (June, July, August). Nights are chilly. The rest of the year, from 30° to 40°. Temperatures are still bearable because the Southeastern “alizé” wind, reinforced by the local thermal wind, guarantees a nice air freshening.

Don’t drink water from the tap, only sealed bottles. Madagascar is poor and electricity infrastructure is not great except in cities or touristic areas (not too many fortunately…)

The Malagasy Franc (former currency) is now called Malagasy “Ariary” (MGA). 1 MGA = 5 Malagasy Francs. You will notice that on a 100 FMG coin, it is written “20 Ariary”.
If you travel, keep always some cash for your daily shopping because people do not have “change” very often (it can help in the bush). Tips are often appreciated for small services: groceries, house caretaking, restaurant services, etc…

Price from

250€ for 7 nigths

Rates & Packages

Tarif par Nuit et par Chambre Suite Orchidée Bungalow Luxe
Ile aux Oiseaux
Chambre Luxe Bungalow
Cabane du Pêcheur
Chambre Double 79€ 43€ 36€ 25€

Supplément Petit Déjeuner Continental : 6 €/Pers/Jour
Supplément Demi Pension (hors boisson) : 9€/Pers/Repas - Enfant de -12 ans : 6,40€/Enf/Repas
Supplément Pension Complète (hors boisson) : 18€/Pers/Repas - Enfant de -12 ans : 12,80€/Enf/Repas

Vignette touristique : 1000 Ar par jour et par personne / Taxe de séjour : 500 Ar par jour et par personne.

Prix par nuitée par personne en €uros
Suite Chocolat 60
Suite Majorel 60
Bungalow ZEN 77
Bungalow Nymphéa familial 65
Bungalow Pyla 60
Bungalow Cap-Ferret 60
Bungalow Ile aux Oiseaux 42
Chambre luxe Mouette 36
Chambre luxe Twin 36
Lit supplémentaire par personne 12

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