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A cool and quiet bungalow, balinese lifestyle, close to the spot surf of Medewi

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MEDEWI SURF HOMESTAY From 90€ for 7 nigths

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Eco Budget - Family - Groups - Solo Travellers > B&B / Guesthouses
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Head Points Combo

  • Eco Budget
  • Family
  • Groups
  • Solo Travellers
  • Less than 10 mn drive from spots
  • Fishing
  • Excursions
  • Languages : English / German

Head Points Accommodation

  • Double
  • Bungalow

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : April / May / June / Jully / August / September
  • Surf Lessons
  • Equipment provided
  • Waves Levels : Easy / Classic / Consistant
  • Spots Type : Beach break / PointBreak / Sand
  • Ability Level : Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


Our bungalow is located in the city and close from surf spots of Medewi in Bali.
Great surf spots close from bungalow, a unique 3 bedrooms unit. Different from Kuta beach and out of touristic paths.

Other Activities

  • Fishing
  • Excursions


Mediwi Bungalow has 3 rooms : the "Master" Bedroom, the "righthander" bedroom and the "lefthander" bedroom. You can choose to rent a room or the entire bungalow.

Master Bedroom : The master bedroom is double the size of the 2 other rooms of the bungalow accommodation. Bed size 1,6m X 2,0m. It offers you more space, bamboo chairs a sound-system & 1 big fan ! You will find some useful things as sunscreen, mosquito-lotion&-spray, guidebooks about Bali, a Bali surfguide, a slackline & many more in one of the cupboards. Towel & sheets for the bed are provided once a week. 

Righthander bedroom : It`s the upstairs room of the bungalow accommodation where you can see the beautiful sunrise! Bed size 1,6m X 2.0m. From upstairs you can see the ocean!  1 small fan & mosquitospay is provided to make you a pleasant stay. Towels & sheets for the bed are provided once a week. The bathroom is downstairs, entrance by the garden. 

Lefthander bedroom : It`s the upsairs room of the bungalow accommodation with one window having an ocean view! Bed size 1,6m X 2,0m. 1 small fan & mosquitospay is provided to make you a pleasant stay. Towel & sheets for the bed are provided once a week. The bathroom is downstairs, entrance by the garden. 

Meal Plan

Saya coffee-restaurant serves international cuisine and local dishes at reasonable prices.

Sport Services

Medewi is known well as the longest lefthander pointbreak in Bali ! It can handel big and small swell. It runs over big boulders.
Bring booties ! Sometimes tubes on the inside ! Some good beachbreaks around. If you need a surflesson we can organise that for you.
1-2 hours surf lesson including booties & board is around 22 €. There will be as a max 2 persons be guided by one surfinstructor to make out the most of each lesson.

Best Period

Most of the spots are on « the bulb » located in the South of the island.
But Kuta, Seminyak sandy beachbreaks are great for beginning.
The SW swell of the Indian Ocean nicely unroll along this rocky peninsula during the dry season from April to November, generating 1 to 4 meters waves, easily surfable in some spots.
From December to March, this is the humid monsoon and the wave conditions are less appropriated but fairly regular.

From April to November, regular solar winds from the SE provide perfect lines and excellent quality conditions.
Winds are often W/NW during the humid season from December to March
The island is subject to two different tides: a big one and a small one every day, plan your session. You can find the tides’ time-tables in every surfshop.
To « charge » some Southern spots, wear a hood and boots to walk on the reef.
Water temperature: 28°C - wait until you surf with well-trained surfers, either locals or foreigners. Respect the wave priority – Watch out for the strong currents on the spots near Uluwatu.


Medewi : Nice and easy pointbreak, good for longboarders.
Canggu : rights and lefts on a reef

Kuta Beach : On many kilometres of sand and coconut trees, a bay surrounded by different quality beachbreaks. Up North near Legian, there are less people. In town, this is the crowded beach of Biarritz in the middle of August !

Watch out for locals breaking and smashing on every wave.
Kuta Reef and Airport Reefs : you can reach the spots paddling (10 min) or by canoe from the bottom of Kuta bay, in town. Rights and lefts of quality on coral reefs. Many people in the water during the season. Between 2 series, you will read the names of the fuselage of planes landing above your head.
Balagan : Two medium-sized peaks, works well in heavy swell.

Dreamland : A dreamy beach – white sand combed by coconut trees. Nice wave breaking in deep water.

Bingin : A solid left – very deep tubes on this spot, radical take-off on not much bottom.
Impossibles : 3 very fast sections, not easy to negotiate like its name says – not too crowded -
Padang-padang : Not too far away from Uluwatu, breaks not very often which makes its quality – right and left – Many people and tubes in abundance !
Uluwatu : Imposing setting on the edge of the cliffs – mythical – noteworthy launching in the water that can be reached by the cavern and its stairs. A very radical left when it is in good shape.
3 sections : right in front of the cave in medium-sized swell (Inside Corner) – in heavier swell and in half-rising tide works the second section (Race Track) – finally (Outside Corner) beyond 2 meters, takes place more out at sea and gives the dimension of long interrupted remarkable tubes. Stuffed with people when it is working, but possible take-off in different sections of the lip.
Nyang Nyang – Green Balls : South of Uluwatu. Nice waves. Many people when it is working.

Nusa Dua : On the other side of the peninsula, East coast. Nice right working good in humid season from December to March.
Saucer : Near the Grand Hyatt – quality right – Tangjing’s also provides good quality rights and lefts.

Geger Beach : (Prononce Gerrgerr) is phenomenal during big swells. Reach iyt with a jukung boat is easier due to the big current over there.
Sri Lanka : Nice left close from Club Med. Working on rainy season and big swell.
Sanur Reef and Tanjungs, Padang Galak, Ketewel, Lebih : Plenty of great spots to be surfed during rainy season. Located east coast round Sanur Hotels zone.
Nusa Lembongan : Little island off Bali – 3 quality spots : Playgrounds and Shipwreck: nice rights easy to surf – Lacerations: a kick ass right, fast and hollow. Many people during the season. Reachable by ferry.

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 29°C (Summer) / 24°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 24°C (Summer) / 23°C (Winter)

Surf Story

Bali, the Southeast Asian pearl was discovered in the 1960’s by Australian traveller-surfers. It always has kept its delicate image, full of dreamy trips.
A tropical shore with mythical waves: Uluwatu, Padang…Its warungs (small family owned businesses like shops or outdoor restaurants), hung up in the cliff, nights listening to the swell rising from the bottom of the Indian Ocean, a fresh Bintang, bruised arms from coming up to the line up a 100 times to catch the deep tube.
A motorcycle ride, thrilling moments for sure in the middle of the crowd of Kuta and Legian.On the flat days, trips on the inside island, wisdom of the temples and traditional rites, in the middle of green rice-plantations. On the way back to the hotel at night, the swell is back again. A dreamy sunset view on Bingin’s lines before the night.


Bali is such a sweet name for an island that beams in the Pacific.Baptised “ the gods’ island”, many legends afloat about it, and it is the picture of a paradise with long and beautiful beaches, of mountains covered by forests, of smiling hills sprinkled with rice-plantations drawing pretty curves where the light waves.
Balinese people, with their legendary kindness, have learnt to mix tourism and protection of a living and authentic culture.The Southern beaches’ invasion do not prevent the people from dropping their offerings in early morning in front of their doors and from praying like nothing else matters.
Unconcerned towards the tourists’ wealth, they simply discern what is really important: their soul is not for sale, but who would complain about that ?


Tiny island, especially compared to its notoriety, Bali can be sum up in a surface area of about 5 600 km²: this is one of the smallest islands of Indonesia and Sunda Islands’ among the 13 500 islands and islets.Well-known for its mild climate and for its religious characteristic (it is the only Hindu one in a Muslim country), it approximately has the shape of a diamond with a peninsula in its Southern part, little piece of land where most of the beautiful waves unroll.
The whole island is 140 km from East to West and 80 km from North to South.On the inside, this is the volcano kingdom (the highest rises up to 3 142 m!), lakes and rice-plantations. The Northern coast strip, less attractive for tourists, provides beautiful quiet beaches.
The West, a mountainous region fairly deserted, is the less populated part of the island, the less known as well.The East part (Tulamben, Amed and Mount Seraya) reveals some gorgeous black sandy beaches, well-hidden and wild.Not too far away, you can discover Nusa Lembongan Island and some quality spots, a tiny Bali on a small scale…


Valid passport is compulsory, 6 months after your entry in the country. For the French nationals (and many other nationalities), a visa is required to enter in Indonesia since February 1st, 2004. The validity of the visa lasts 30 days; it can not be reducible there.
The visa costs 25 USD when you arrive in Indonesia for a 30 days Visa, and 10 USD for a 3 days Visa.It is best to have USD as this makes everything easy. Also remember to save RP150,000 for when you leave Bali.
Denpasar is the capital of Bali.

« Unity within diversity »: 350 languages and dialects.Bahasa Indonesian is the official language, but English is widely spoken in the tourist regions.

No vaccine is compulsory for the travellers coming from Europe, but it is strongly advised to vaccine against the typhoid fever, Hepatitis A and B and to check if you still are immunized against tetanus and polio.

GMT + 5 hours in summer and + 6 hours in winter.
But there is 1 hour difference between Java and Bali: + 6 hours (+ 7 hours in winter) if you land to Bali right away.

Located near the equator, in a tropical region, Bali has only 2 seasons balancing one another.
- The dry season : from May to November-December. Avoid the crowd of tourists preferring going to Bali in May, September or October.
- The rainy season : from January to April.
Usually, July is the chilliest and the driest month of the year, while in January, the rainfall gets very important (be careful, it is raining twice more in North than in South). Even in dry season it can rain, but rather at the end of the day or at night.
The average temperature is 26°C. The temperature is almost pleasant all the time. It may get really warm but it is always bearable.
Be careful to sunburns: even when the temperature is nice, you burn in less an hour !
The days always keep the same amplitude. The sun rises, whatever the season is, around 6.AM and sets at 6.PM the latest.

Driving in Bali is crazy…If you have enough money, the taxi remains the most comfortable and the safest transportation mean. There is now taxi with mileage indicator. The price of the trip depends on the itinerary, the hour and the traffic jam.
Car renting is also a good method if you are many to share the costs. Renting cars is more and more common in Bali, with the creation of a parking lot adapted to the demand (small open cars). Prices are reasonable.
Renting a motorbike is fun but dangerous. If you must ride a motorbike please make sure your insurance company cover you for this. You must hold a current motorbike license in your own country but in Europe some companies will not cover you at all regardless of what you have. So please check before you leave home.
Avoid absolutely driving at night if you choose this option…
For four people, expect to pay about 40 euros per person for a week.

Never drink non-boiled water. Satisfy yourself with capped beverages or sweeten by yourself (pills, microbial filters). Withstand the delicious fruit smoothies served with ice cubes. Or you do it at your own risk !

1 euro = about 11 000 RPS.
The local currency is the Indonesian Rupee or rupiah (Rps) and there is no subdivision like in our countries. No customs restrictions.
You change any currency in every tourist places.
There is no need to go to the bank, except for a specific operation. Money changers are constantly open. Their rate of exchange is always displayed outside. You need to compare them because there are sometimes 10% differences on some currencies. For those who offer interesting rates, possibly try to exchange in the morning because after a whole, they do not have currencies anymore.
If you have USD cash, prefer paper money of large denomination. Indeed, money changers always provide a higher rate for important bills. Credit cards are accepted.
Credit-Debit cards, call your bank and let them know you are going to an Asian country and they will make sure your cards are activated to use here. This happens all the time, so please give your bank a call and let them know.

Customs = to export antiquities is forbidden.
For the young and young at heart… when you go out to nightclubs, take enough money to have a good time and when you have run out it is time to come to your villa. Watch your drinks at all times and stick together as mates. Drink beer and try and drink spirits with the screw tops.
Drugs : No way ! Death penalty is the only sentence in Indonesia…

Price from

90€ for 7 nigths

Price includes

Price per week, based on double room

Rates & Packages

Prix/Par semaine
Price/Per week
2 pesonnes
2 persons
Master bedroom 150€ 150€
Righthander or Lefthander bedrooms 90€ 121€

Pour louer le bungalow entier veuillez nous contacter.
To rent the entire bungalow please contact us.

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