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EL SALVADOR - A villa renting for exploring spots of the Pacific coast and relax with friends

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TRUE KARMA HOUSE From 120€ for 1 night

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On the Spot - Eco Budget - Family - Groups > B&B / Guesthouses, Villas
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Head Points Combo

  • On the Spot
  • Eco Budget
  • Family
  • Groups
  • On spot
  • Excursions
  • Languages : English / Spanish

Head Points Accommodation

  • Double
  • Suite
  • Sea view
  • Kitchen
  • Nany Service
  • Services Included : Swimming Pool / Air Conditionning / Parking
  • Services non Included : Spots transfers / Airport transfers / Wifi

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : January / February / March / April / May / September / October / November / Decembre
  • Surf Lessons
  • Equipment Rental
  • Photographer / Videographer
  • Guiding Pack
  • Waves Levels : Classic
  • Spots Type : Beach break
  • Ability Level : Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


Venture to the upper deck and you will soon realize "Surf dreams do come true" !

Swim, Fish, Surf or just kick back and lay on the beach or by the pool ... if you like relaxation and adventure, you're in the right place !

We highly recommend taking a surf guided tour with us and have the experience of your life !

The True Karma Beach House is located in Playa Pimental, El Salvador which is 20 minutes from the international airport.
The house has a gated entrance with private driveway and private beach access.

Services Included

  • Swimming Pool
  • Air Conditionning
  • Parking

Services non Included

  • Spots transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • Wifi


SURF TOURS & ECO TOURS to Volcanoes, Mayan Ruins, Canopy Tours, Coffee Plantations, Artisan Markets, National Parks, Waterfalls, Crater Lakes, Beaches, Sea Fishing, and more!

Other Activities

  • Excursions


There are two staircases that lead you to the main part of the house which is on the second floor. Here there is a full kitchen, dining room, living room, master bedroom with King size bed and adjoining bathroom, guest bedroom with a Queen size bed with adjoining bathroom and a half bedroom with a bunk bed.
Downstairs there is also one bedroom with a King size bed and a full bathroom beside it with separate entrance. There is A/C in both larger bedrooms upstairs, as well as ceiling fans in every room and hot water throughout. There is an ocean view balcony upstairs and an ocean view from most windows in the house. Below outside is a traditional concrete grill for BBQing, a pool, large wooden table for outdoor eating, hammocks and large covered patio (below the upper level of the house).
There is tons of open lawn space, beautiful tropical plants, and outdoor showers.  Housekeeping and yard maintenance is included with the house.

3 bedrooms (sleeps up to 8 people - 2 King, 1 Queen, 1 bunkbed
3 full bathrooms
Full kitchen, dining room, living room
Gated entrance and private beach access
Private parking
Outside showers, grill, pool, table, hammocks
Ocean view terrace and view throughout
A/C and ceiling fans
Hot water
Housekeeping and yard maintenance included
Cell phone service available

Meal Plan

Nanny service not included


Quiver Tour Packages

*  Quiver Surf El Salvador provides one guide and one vehicle per every group of 1-8 people. 

* Quiver Surf provides Bilingual services when needed or just native language speakers for transportation.

*  Although the following packages are priced for up to 4 people, we welcome larger groups.  
    Please contact us and we will adjust the price and make all the arrangements for your trip.

*  International airfare is NOT included in these packages. 

*  Tips are NOT included in these packages and they are greatly appreciated by those who serve and guide you.

Prices include 13% sales tax, airport transfers, private surf guide & vehicle, 
unlimited surf trips in La Paz or La Libertad region, sleeping accommodations, and housekeeping. 

Non-Surfers :                                                                                                                   
Prices include 13% sales tax, airport transfers, private tour guide & vehicle, 
unlimited tours in La Paz or La Libertad region (to local towns, markets, beaches, etc. - wherever you want to go!)sleeping accommodations, and housekeeping.  Surf lessons available.                                                                        
Check out our Eco Tour Options below and make the most out of your trip!                                                            

Best Period

Going for holidays with your family and friends is truly a great activity. You get to bond and spend quality time with the people closest to your heart in a beautiful place. One of the best places to spend your getaway is El Salvador. Both families and couples looking for a relaxing getaway that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city life will surely like this place. Read on below to know more about this country.

El Salvador's 307 kms of Pacific coastline is dominated by at least 10 world class righthand point breaks.
Many of these waves break for 100-200 yards and don’t close out, with waves over 300 days of the year.
El Salvador borders the Pacific Ocean to the south. The southern coastline that runs the entire length of the country is split down the middle, with everywhere east of La Libertad (a small port town) referred to as the "East Coast," and everywhere west of La Libertad known as the "West Coast."

The East Coast is known for great tourist beaches like Costa Del Sol, beautiful mangrove lagoons, and the Las Flores righthand point break. The West Coast is great for fishing and diving, and is where you'll find El Salvador's only lefthand point break, La Bocana, and the most sought after wave in El Salvador, El Sunzal, which is a slow, consistent wave that caters to surfers of every skill level. The dark sand beaches in El Salvador come from volcanic origin and the water temperature ranges from 23°C to 27°C (70-80°F) all year round. The country is famous for its great waves for surfing.


SURF TOURS to El Sunzal, Mizata, K59, El Zonte, Las Flores, Punta Mango, beach breaks, and more !

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 32°C (Summer) / 32°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 30°C (Summer) / 30°C (Winter)


CULTURE:  El Salvador's official name is Republic of El Salvador, named after the Spanish word for "The Saviour," in honor of Jesus Christ.  The Roman Catholic religion plays an important role in Salvadorian culture.  People in El Salvador are very friendly and more used to seeing tourists now than in years passed.  Spanish is the main language spoken, although many Salvadorans speak some English as well and are happy to help out non-Spanish speakers when they can. 
You can find all types of food and entertainment in San Salvador, the capital city, where you will recognize many American businesses and a more "American" way of life.  However, throughout the countryside and at the beach, life moves at a slower pace and you will mainly find traditional food available... meat, chicken, seafood, rice and beans, and fresh fruits and vegetables. 
"Pupusas" are a local favorite (homemade corn or rice tortillas filled with beans, cheese, chicken, or pork, served with sauces).  Delicious fruit smoothies "licuados" are a popular treat and there are several local beers to try.  Salvadorans are known for being very hard workers and children often work to help out their families.  Soccer "futbol" is a huge part of life in El Salvador, as well as surfing, and dancing.  A popular local saying is "buena onda" which means "good vibes, good times."


The territorial extension of El Salvador is 21,040 kilometers², with 307 kms along the Pacific coast extending the entire length of the country. The country's landscape includes numerous valleys, mountains, volcanoes, and coastal low lands. The mother mountain range runs all throughout the country from east to west. El Salvador borders Guatemala to the Northwest and Honduras to the Northeast. Located right in the middle of Central America, is a perfect place to start or pass through when exploring the whole region.


Locals are friendly and welcoming toward tourists. The war that gave El Salvador an unsafe reputation is long since over. However, like in all Central American countries, we recommend taking guided tours since they will advise you on conflictive areas you should avoid. Hiring a local guide will also make your trip more comfortable in dealing with language barriers, cultural differences, and transportation, since roads and driving manners can be very different from what you're used to.

Always remember to respect the locals and respect the land. Localism at surf breaks exists in El Salvador like everywhere else in the world, but if you are friendly in the water, you will enjoy yourself more and meet some cool new people. Always pack your trash and be as eco-friendly as possible!!

Price from

120€ for 1 night

Rates & Packages

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de 1 à 8 Personnes
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de 5 à 8 Personnes
Logement Maison 110€
Tour Package 237€ 273€

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