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A surf &
kite school with different types of accommodation, located in the bay of Famara

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RED STAR SURF- KITE & YOGA CAMP From 369€ for 7 nigths

Europe > Canary Islands > Lanzarote

On the Spot - Eco Budget - Family - Groups - Solo Travellers > Surfcamps, Villas, Appartments / Condos, Surf Schools with Accommodation, Surf Schools without Accommodation
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Head Points Combo

  • On the Spot
  • Eco Budget
  • Family
  • Groups
  • Solo Travellers
  • On spot
  • Less than 10 mn walk from spots
  • Less than 10 mn drive from spots
  • Lively area
  • Yoga
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Bicycles
  • Excursions
  • Languages : English / Spanish / Portuguese

Head Points Accommodation

  • Double
  • Twin
  • Family Suite
  • Single
  • Bungalow
  • Sea view
  • Dormitory
  • Kitchen
  • Packed lunch
  • Nany Service
  • Services Included : Spots transfers / Wifi / TV / Video / Games Room / Parking
  • Services non Included : Airport transfers

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : All year
  • Surf Lessons
  • SUP lessons
  • Kite Lessons
  • Day Guiding
  • Equipment Rental
  • Equipment provided
  • Photographer / Videographer
  • Surf / SUP / Kite Pack
  • Guiding Pack
  • Multi activities Pack
  • Waves Levels : Easy / Classic / Consistant
  • Spots Type : Beach break / PointBreak / Rock / Sand
  • Ability Level : Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


Our school is located in Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote, away from mass tourism, in the heart of a nature reserve (the Natural Park of the Archipelago Chinijo) which is protected by UNESCO.
We offer surf lessons, kite and surf & yoga. You will be hosted in different types of accommodation : Room to share in the SURF HOUSE, APARTMENTS, VILLA, VILLA with POOL.

Lanzarote is a unique place, with its mild climate, surrounded by the ocean that provides
waves all year round. Famara is a village ideally located for surfing and kitesurfing.
The sandy beach of Famara is a five minute walk from the village, in a huge protected bay with easy waves. Near the village there are also other beaches where you can surf.

Services Included

  • Spots transfers
  • Wifi
  • TV / Video / Games Room
  • Parking

Services non Included

  • Airport transfers

Other Activities

  • Yoga
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Bicycles
  • Excursions


We will reserve your accommodation according to the formula you want. Please choose below and contact us with your reservation request.
RATES Base 7 nights :
- A bed in a shared room in the "Surf House" a / c € 140
- Double A / C 315 € or individual a / c 245 € in the "Surf House"
- Apartments with 1 to 6 people a / c 385 € up to 625 €
- Villa 1 to 6 people a / c 840 € up to 980 €
- Villa with pool from 1 to 6 people a / c to € 1050 € 1190

Meal Plan

We do not serve breakfast, but all our surf houses have fully equipped kitchens, which you can share with other guests. Small local supermarkets provide a good selection of international and local products. For dinner we still recommend to go out. Most of the local restaurants and bars are good, inexpensive and provide international menus. Famara offers the choice between cheap and quick canarian local fast food and fine cuisine. 

Sport Services

We offer surf lessons either individually or in groups with a maximum of 8 persons for each instructor.
Normally each daily course has a duration of 4-5 hours with small breaks and a lunch break. We also offer private lessons at all levels.
For more experienced surfers who want the very best reefs and beach breaks dots, Red Star Surf offers the
SURFARI option.
Children (who have more than 6 years and who are able to swim) can participate in surf lessons.

We also have Kitesurf,
SURF & YOGA packaged formulas

We propose
boards, wetsuits, bodyboards, Stand up paddle rentals.


Within the packages you can choose shared/ single/ double room/ apartment/ villa accommodation and any combination of surfing/ kite/ SUP/ yoga lessons.

Best Period

Often considered as the Hawaii of the Atlantic by the surfers, this volcanic archipelago emerges from the ocean to receive swells from all directions. These swells end up in a great variety of reefs and lava points, with power that can be compared to all the good surfing destinations.
Scorching in the sun and surfing with shorties consist of the uncountable attractions of the Canarian surf.

Lanzarote has a great quality wave, radical and powerful such as the waves from Hawaii’ North Shore, less the distance to travel over there…Surf is concentrated between Famara and La Santa.

From October to April, 1m to 5 meters waves unroll on the best exposed reefs. Tropical hurricanes coming from the South of the United States also send some pretty good Western waves in August and September.

Winds are ruling your surfing days. Check their directions and forces and you should have a wonderful session. From October to April, in winter, the wind is weakest and E/NE oriented. It switches to the North in early summer when the conditions are little and often onshore.Prefer morning or sunset sessions.
Tides are around 2 meters, rather high and change very slightly the aspect of the spots in shallow water.

Be careful to the strength of some spots and to the locals’ protection. Bring boots: if not, your feet may look like holy cheese, transformed by lava and sea-urchins!Wear an integral 3/2mm wetsuit from November to May because the water is chilly (around 18°C). In summer, you will be fine with just a springsuit (24°C) for the windy mornings.


Famara : a huge 5 km bay at the lava mountains’ feet. Sandy bottom – peaks of lefts and rights all along taking their size according to the swell orientation. A pretty left close to the harbour of Caleta Famara’s little village.

La Graciosa : Can be seen from the bottom of Famara’s Bay. Take the ferry 30 min up North in Orzola’s island. A nice excursion all day long and a 1 night or 2 lodging in seldom little pensions.Lost in a moon-like scenery in the middle of a turquoise water, you can ride a bike. Quality spots to explore around this original small island.

Playa de la Canteria : High tide and Northern swell. A nice place to surf before taking the ferry to La Graciosa.

San Juan : a perfect left in the West of Famara’s Bay, sheltered from a S/W wind strongly blowing towards La Santa’s Bay.

Caleta de Cabello : Good in high tide. A hollow left working in consistent swell from North. Ghost town and Chicken are 2 neighbour lefts, radical and hollow.

Boca del Abajo : Very very fast. A left that breaks on a small bottom and works between 1.5 and 2 meters. From La Santa’s club, take La Isleta’s road which ends up on a little bay where you can find this little and well hollow wave.

Morro Negro : On the Southwest of La Isleta’s Point, a world-class right. Long walls with hollowed sections and a fun beachbreak. Totally handles the heavy swell. Wacth out for the crowd and for the long paddling sessions to the line-up.

La Santa : A left that vacuum cleans with quite radical tubes. Very consistent in high tide. Watch out for locals who sometimes lock up the access to the spot.

El Quemao : A short and powerful left that easily handles 4-5 meters. Its nickname is the Canarian Pipeline. For well-informed surfers and “kamikazes”…Excellent in West swell and SE wind.

Arieta : When the swell is too strong on the West coast, the NE coast is more screened and works well. A nice beachbreak in the South of the village. Fast and hollow waves.

Jameos del Agua : More of a summer spot – in front of the parking lot – in the North of the beach, you find a cute spot called Los Aulagas. Fun rights and lefts.

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 30°C (Summer) / 21°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 26°C (Summer) / 18°C (Winter)

Surf Story

We surf a lot and for a long time in the fortunate islands, as they were nicknamed.
From the South of Gran Canaria, to Tenerife’s coasts, going through Lanzarote and its neighbour Fuerteventura, the Atlantic’s Hawaii, the archipelago is well-known for its waves.
Nice in winter, always some swell, mild water and sun, barrels reachable by plane from France.We like their moon-like scenery, the fiesta and Latin atmosphere at night.
An excellent compromise : the warranty of going on a low-cost trip not too far away and the certainty of having waves of great quality.


Geologically speaking these islands are quite young as we reckon that they are 30 million years old.
The dating of carbon traces back to the first settlements in 200 before J-C, but they might have been inhabited before that.

The origin of the first inhabitants, referring themselves to Guanches, remains the matter of theories.
We talk about Celtic or Nordic emigrants. However it is likely that the Berbers, coming from Africa the neighbour country, have been the first settlers.


The archipelago, off Morocco, consisting of seven major islands and six minor islands (the most important ones -Graciosa, Alegranza, Lobos – are located around Lanzarote) is expanding 450 km covering a total area of 7300 km².
For historical and political reasons, the Canary Islands are part of Spain, but geographers fasten it to Macaronesia, a region composed of by the volcanic archipelago gathering the Azores, Madeira and Cape Verde.

The landscape from a very uncommon volcanism, with various mountainous forms (caldrons, cones, “malpaises” which are kind of volcanic rock chaos, pipes etc…).
Geologically, the islands are made of lava and basalt with a fertile soil, especially generous after the rain which is becoming more and more uncommon.
In Tenerife, the Teide is the highest mountain of Spain (3 718m).

Coasts are interrupted for the most part by wide sand beaches, protected by reefs, forelands and profound bays. However, we can find in some regions many cliffs and other abrupt zones like in Gran Canaria’s Western and Northern coasts.


A valid national ID (- 10 years) or a Passport. Arrecive is the capital of Lanzarote’s island.

Spanish but english and german is spoken in hotels & restaurants

No particular health recommendation is advised

- 1 hour all year long.

The Canary Islands are located in the middle of the Atlantic, swept away by “alizés” winds and exposed to the mild marine currents bathing their coasts. The average temperature is 22° C (with little variations) except in the mountains where the temperature is lower. In summer, they seldom go beyond 31°C. The Canary Islands are also an ecological treasure, more particularly for their flora.

You just need a driver’s license (French, Belgium) valid in the whole European Union.


The tap water is drinkable and can be drink without any fear. Power-points are set up in the islands for the de-salting.The electric current: 220 V

CURRENCY : The Euro.Banks are usually open Monday until Friday from 9.AM to 2.PM and some agencies are also open on Saturdays from 9.AM to 1.PM.In almost every important city and watering-places, you can withdraw money from the ATM machines with Eurocard MasterCard and Visa.

Price from

369€ for 7 nigths

Price includes

  • 7 nights of shared accommodation in one of our surfhouses (4-5 people in the dorm room) 
  • 5 days of group surfing lessons (a lesson is 4-5 hrs/ day)
  • Equipment matching your skill level : a board and a wetsuit
  • transfer to the spot
  • Mini-lunch at the beach during the lesson break: fruit, a sandwich, water
  • insurance for the time of the lessons

Rates & Packages

Users Booking Terms and Conditions

Special Offer includes

Surfcamp Surfaddicted in May: Lanzarote 01.05 - 11.05

Your 10 days getaway to the European Hawaii includes:

•  airport pickup
•  accommodation in comfortable single and double rooms in our surf houses, 5 min from the beach
•  8 guided surfing sessions to the best spots of the island or surfing lessons with our experienced surf instructors
•  board and wetsuit rental for the whole period of the camp
•  a surfing competition with interesting prizes and awards
•  insurance for the time of surfing lessons 
• excursions to the most fascinating sights of the island

During our excursions you will see the green lake of El Golfo, the volcano park Timanfaya, a awe-inspiring view of the neighbouring islands from the observation deck of Mirador del Rio, the famous caves in Cueva de los Verdes, the Cactus Garden and some more exciting things. 

• photos
• Surfaddicted camp t-shirt

The price of your Lanzarote surf holiday with Surfaddicted: 

 € 720/ person (when booking into a double room)
 € 770/ person (when booking into a single room).

Check availability - ask for your getaway to the surfer's paradise!

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