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Bungalows & Villas on the hill over Famara beautiful sandy bay.
Just a few minutes from the village & Surf center. Perfect for beginning or improve your Surf.

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FAMARA SURF From 182€ for 7 nigths

Europe > Canary Islands > Lanzarote

On the Spot - Family - Kids Camp - Groups - Solo Travellers > Surf Schools with Accommodation, Surfcamps, Villas, Appartments / Condos, Road Trips, Surf Schools without Accommodation
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Welcome to FAMARA SURF

Head Points Combo

  • On the Spot
  • Family
  • Kids Camp
  • Groups
  • Solo Travellers
  • On spot
  • Less than 10 mn walk from spots
  • Languages : French / English / Spanish

Head Points Accommodation

  • Double
  • Family Suite
  • Bungalow
  • Kitchen
  • Services non Included : Spots transfers / Laundry

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : January / February / April / May / June / Jully / August / September / October / November / Decembre
  • Surf Lessons
  • Kite Lessons
  • Day Guiding
  • Equipment Rental
  • Equipment provided
  • Guiding Pack
  • Equipment Pack
  • Waves Levels : Easy / Classic
  • Spots Type : PointBreak / Rock / Sand
  • Ability Level : Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Confirmed


We offer 2 options :
- Apartments located in the heart of the quiet little village and port of Famara.
- The Bungalows are small individual villas bungalow, ideal for families or sharing with friends.
They are located on the hillside, above the high end of Famara sandy beach, a few minutes from the village and Surf Centre, facing the vastness of the bay and the island of Graciosa.

Services non Included

  • Spots transfers
  • Laundry

Other Services

We can also arrange delivery of a rental car at the airport


Apartments with 1 to 2 bedrooms, Studios and Bungalows.
The apartments are located in the village of Famara a few minutes walk from the beach.
Bungalows and studios are located directly on the beach with sea views
They are all fully equipped.
Towels and sheets are changed and cleaned weekly.
Cleaning of apartments, studios and bungalows is left to the responsibility of customers.

Studios : Maximum capacity for 2 people.
Apartments 1 and 2 bedrooms. Capacity for 2-4 people.
Bungalows with 2 and 3 bedrooms. Capacity for 4-7 people.
Villas 2 and 3 bedrooms and private pool. Capacity for 4-8 people.

Meal Plan

Authentic small taverns at the edge of the charming little port.
A "supermercado" for your food purchases and various products

Sport Services

Apart  lessons and surf guiding formulas, we invite you to discover new spots in Lanzarote and / or Fuerteventura !

Do not waste time looking for waves. In our company every day you surf the best waves of the island depending on weather conditions.
A local guide will take you to the best spots of the day.
He will brief you on the spot conditions, currents, launching and exit, local surfer ... and you join.

Combine your holiday in Lanzarote surf with a few days in Fuerteventura.
Both islands have their own character and offer very good spots.


You can discover the pleasure of surfing with our professional instructors.
For your safety equipment used is approved .
Beginning students and middle levels who will surf in Famara beach are covered by the insurance of the school.
Courses are taught by qualified instructors using foam boards and semi- rigid.

Hourly Surf School Groups (open all year):
10.00 : Distribution equipment and suits and surf classes beginning
12h30 : Pick- nic + drink
13h00 : Start second session - until 15:00
Price : 39 euros per day per person - for 3 days of course the price is 35 euros per day .
Our surf lesson groups include instruction, picnic, material.
10% discount for groups of minimum 4 persons

Lessons times will depend on the wind conditions and the tide.
You will be warned one day in advance.
Price: 50€ per day per person
During our private surf include instruction and equipment

Please contact us

Best Period

Often considered by surfers as the "Hawaii of the Atlantic", this volcanic archipelago emerges from the ocean to receive swells from all directions.
These swells finish their run on a wide variety of coral and lava edge, with a comparable all good surf destinations power.

From October to April waves of 1.30m to 5m break on the reefs the best exposed . Tropical hurricanes in the southern USA also send some nice waves west in August and September .
Lanzarote has a high quality waves, radical and powerful as on the North Shore of Hawaii , the distance to travel to get there in less ...

Winds govern your days surfing. A good check of the direction and strength will be the recipe for a successful session. From October to April, the winter wind is weaker and oriented E / NE . It turns north at the entrance to the summer when conditions are smaller and often onshore . Then prefer a morning session or at sunset .
The tides are about 2 meters high and quite significantly alter the appearance of spots in shallow water. Attention to the power of some spots and protection What exercise certain premises. Provide slippers to avoid the lava and sea urchins will transform your feet into Swiss cheese ! Provide 2 coverall 3 / November to May , because the water is cool ( about 18 °).
In summer a springsuit enough ( about 24 ° ) for small windy morning.


Famara : A huge bay 5 km to the foothills of lava. Sandy bottom - peak left and right all along, taking their size depending on the direction of the swell. A nice left near the harbor of the village of Caleta Famara .
La Graciosa : Visible at the bottom of the bay of Famara . Take the ferry 30 minutes north of the island Órzola . A nice getaway for a day or 1 or 2 nights accommodation in one of the few small pensions. Lost in a lunar landscape in the middle of a turquoise water, circulates bike. Quality spots to explore around this original block.
Playa de la Canteria : High tide and swell in the North. A nice surfing before taking the ferry to La Graciosa place .
San Juan : a perfect left to the west of the Bay of Famara, sheltered from the wind S / W heckling towards the bay of Santa .
Caleta de Cabello : Good at high tide. A hollow left by walking north swell quite consistent . Ghost town and Chicken are two left neighbors, hollow and radical .
Boca del Abajo : Ultra Fast . A left that breaks on some background and walk between 1.5 and 2 meters. Since the club Santa , take the road of Isleta falling on a small bay where the friendly and knowledgeable hollow wave.
Morro Negro: A South West tip of the Isleta , a straight world class. Long walls with hollow sections and a fun beach break . Fits perfectly the heavy swell . Attention to the crowd and long sessions to train line-up .
Santa : A left that plays with vacuum tubes rather radical . Super consisting at high tide. Attention to local sometimes lock access spot .
El Quemao : a short and powerful left holding the comfortable 4-5 meters. Nicknamed the Canary Pipeline. For surfers savvy and suicide bombers ... Excellent by westerly swell and wind SE .
Arieta : When the swell is too strong west side , the NE coast more sheltered works well. A nice beach break south of the village . Fast and hollow waves.
Jameos del Agua : Rather a spot of summer Across the parking lot , North of the beach there is a nice spot called Los Aulagas . Straight lefts and fun .

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 30°C (Summer) / 23°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 24°C (Summer) / 20°C (Winter)

Surf Story

We surf a lot and for a long time in the fortunate islands, as they were nicknamed.
From the South of Gran Canaria, to Tenerife’s coasts, going through Lanzarote and its neighbour Fuerteventura, the Atlantic’s Hawaii, the archipelago is well-known for its waves.

Nice in winter, always some swell, mild water and sun, barrels reachable by plane from France.We like their moon-like scenery, the fiesta and Latin atmosphere at night.

An excellent compromise : the warranty of going on a low-cost trip not too far away and the certainty of having waves of great quality.


Geologically speaking these islands are quite young as we reckon that they are 30 million years old.
The dating of carbon traces back to the first settlements in 200 before J-C, but they might have been inhabited before that.
The origin of the first inhabitants, referring themselves to Guanches, remains the matter of theories.
We talk about Celtic or Nordic emigrants. However it is likely that the Berbers, coming from Africa the neighbour country, have been the first settlers.


The archipelago, off Morocco, consisting of seven major islands and six minor islands (the most important ones -Graciosa, Alegranza, Lobos – are located around Lanzarote) is expanding 450 km covering a total area of 7300 km².
For historical and political reasons, the Canary Islands are part of Spain, but geographers fasten it to Macaronesia, a region composed of by the volcanic archipelago gathering the Azores, Madeira and Cape Verde.
The landscape from a very uncommon volcanism, with various mountainous forms (caldrons, cones, “malpaises” which are kind of volcanic rock chaos, pipes etc…)
Geologically, the islands are made of lava and basalt with a fertile soil, especially generous after the rain which is becoming more and more uncommon.In Tenerife, the Teide is the highest mountain of Spain (3 718m).
Coasts are interrupted for the most part by wide sand beaches, protected by reefs, forelands and profound bays. However, we can find in some regions many cliffs and other abrupt zones like in Gran Canaria’s Western and Northern coasts.The weak rainfall and the islands’ own topography find some streams, but not any rivers.


A valid national ID (- 10 years) or a Passport. Arrecive is the capital of Lanzarote’s island.

Spanish but english and german is spoken in hotels & restaurants

No particular health recommendation is advised

- 1 hour all year long.

The Canary Islands are located in the middle of the Atlantic, swept away by “alizés” winds and exposed to the mild marine currents bathing their coasts.
The average temperature is 22° C (with little variations) except in the mountains where the temperature is lower. In summer, they seldom go beyond 31°C.
The Canary Islands are also an ecological treasure, more particularly for their flora.

You just need a driver’s license (French, Belgium) valid in the whole European Union.

The tap water is drinkable and can be drink without any fear. Power-points are set up in the islands for the de-salting.The electric current: 220 V

The Euro. Banks are usually open Monday until Friday from 9.AM to 2.PM and some agencies are also open on Saturdays from 9.AM to 1.PM.
In almost every important city and watering-places, you can withdraw money from the ATM machines with Eurocard MasterCard and Visa.

Price from

182€ for 7 nigths

Price includes

Accommodation in Studio for 2 Persons

Rates & Packages

Type de Logement / Accommodations
7 Nuits/Nights - Prix/Price/Appart
15Déc / 15 Jan
15Juillet / 15Sept
Semaine Sainte
Autre Saison
Appartement Type A (4Pers) 525€ 445€
Appartement Type B (2Pers) 420€ 365€
Studio Type C (2Pers) 420€ 365€

Type A :  Appartement de 2 chambres (4Pers)- 1 Salle de Bain - Terrasse vue sur Mer et Montagne -
situé dans le village de Famara
Type A: 2-bedroom apartment (4 pers) - 1 Bathroom - Terrace overlooking Sea and Mountain -
located in the village of Famara

Type B : Appartement & Chambre (2Pers) 1 Salle de Bain - Terrasse vus sur Mer et Montagne -
situé Plage de Famara
Type B: Apartment & Room (2Pers) 1 Bathroom - Terrace Sea and Mountain views -
located Famara Beach

Type C : Studio 2Pers - Plage de Famara - 1 Salle de Bain- Cuisine - Terrasse vue sur mer dans la zone de Playa de Famara.
Type C: Studio 2Pers - Famara Beach - 1 Bathroom-Kitchen - Terrace overlooking the sea in the area of ??Playa de Famara.

Type de Logement / Accommodations 15Déc / 15 Jan
15Juillet / 15Sept
Semaine Sainte
Autre Saison
Villa 2 Pers 1023€ 930€
Villa 4 Pers 1235€ 1127€
Villa 6 Pers 1435€ 1305€

Villa Type D :  4 chambres (dont 2 avec lits doubles)  -  2 salles de bains - Grande Cuisine équipée - 
2 Terrasses vue Mer - située dans le village de Famara

Villa Type D: 4 bedrooms (2 with double beds) - 2 bathrooms - Large kitchen -
2 Terraces Sea View - located in the village of Famara

Type de Logement
15Déc / 15 Jan
15Juillet / 15Sept
Semaine Sainte
Autre Saison
Bungalow Piscine 4 Pers 1200€ 1046€
Bungalow Piscine 6 Pers 1420€ 1247€
Bungalow Piscine 7 Pers 1650€ 1448€

Bungalow Type E : 3 Chambres (dont 2 avec lits doubles) -2 Salles de Bains - Cuisine Equipée - Salon TV-Musique-Wifi - Terrasse avec vue sur Mer avec une partie couverte avec sofas- Billard - Piscine Privée.
Bungalow Type E: 3 Bedrooms (2 with double beds) -2 Bathrooms - Fitted Kitchen - Living TV Music Wifi - Terrace overlooking Sea with a covered area with sofas, Pool - Private Pool.

Type de Logement
15Déc / 15 Jan
15Juillet / 15Sept
Semaine Sainte
Autre Saison
Bungalow 2 Pers 1160€ 1010€
Bungalow 4 Pers 1270€ 1105€
Bungalow 5 Pers 1360€ 1184€

Bungalow Type F : 2 Chambres (dont 1 chambre avec lit Double) - Cuisine equipée - 2 Salles de bain - Salon - Terrasse avec vue sur la mer.
Bungalow Type F: 2 bedrooms (1 room with double bed) - Fully equipped kitchen - 2 Bathrooms - Lounge - Terrace with sea views

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