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A surf school with excellent quality
and friendly welcome

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ALOHA SURF ACADEMY From 60€ for 1 night

Europe > Canary Islands > Fuerteventura

Groups - Solo Travellers > Surf Schools with Accommodation, Surfcamps, Road Trips
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Head Points Combo

  • Groups
  • Solo Travellers
  • Less than 10 mn drive from spots
  • Yoga
  • Languages : French / English / Spanish / German / Italian / Dutch

Head Points Accommodation

  • Double
  • Family Suite
  • Dormitory
  • Packed lunch
  • Services Included : Spots transfers / Airport transfers / Wifi

Head Points Water Sport

  • Best Period : All year
  • Surf Lessons
  • Equipment provided
  • Photographer / Videographer
  • Guiding Pack
  • Spots Type : Beach break / PointBreak / Reef break / Rock / Sand
  • Ability Level : Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Confirmed


Aloha Surf Academy is a Surf School is located in the North of the Island, in Corralejo. This location allows us to move quickly from the East Coast, West Coast or North Coast following the evolution of the swell. This guarantees surf all year round ! (beach break and reef breaks).We focus on our customers’ needs and happiness; through years of experience we have developed the services that you expect.We offer intensive classes for beginners & intermediates; beyond that, we offer high level coaching, aimed at competition level.We offer 4 different types of surfaris (guided tours), including our bestseller: “the surfari with personal advice”.Through partners, we also have a wide range of accommodation from surf camp to luxurious villa and different activities such as hikes to a volcano, kayak & snorkeling tours, MTB, Spanish courses, SUP, etc.Contact us for a quote !

Services Included

  • Spots transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • Wifi


Volcano hikingDiscover unique landscapes while hiking the volcanoes of Fuerteventura; you can discover incredible panoramas of the North Shore, the sand dunes, the blue water of Corralejo and the islands of Los Lobos and Lanzarote.Excursions on demand. Every level (from 1.5 hour to 3h)

Other Activities

  • Yoga


There is a wide range of Surf Camps, Apartments or Hotel..

….that will provide you with maximum comfort and facilities for you to enjoy your holiday in Corralejo ! Let us know what your expectations are, and we can help you to find the best accommodation for you !Accommodation please contact us for a quote !

Sport Services

surf course We offer tuition for each level : from beginners to confident surfers - including SURFARIS. Our teacher will look after you style and help you to improve. The price of the course includes all the necessary equipment, carver skateboard training, transfer from the meeting point in Corralejo to the surf spot.
The course will last 5-6 hours including the transfer to the surfspot.
Just bring some water/snacks, and your suncream !


Surfari for intermediate/Advanced surfers.The surfari (guided tour)is only for confident surfers. Your guide drives you to the best surf spots of the day, checking the wind, the swell and the tides. He will also explain to you the spot, so that you feel safe to surf in a place you have not been before ! With the guide, you’ll just have to enjoy the best waves of Fuerteventura ! This option is for you if :

  • You are an intermediate / advanced surfer
  • You are in good physical condition
  • You can paddle out a long distance to the line up
  • You are up to duck dive, and/or do the turtle
  • You surf unbroken waves and perform bottom and top turns
  • You know the surf priorities, and the international rules to respect at the line up
  • You know how to behave when you wipe out
Included : Pick up and transfers / info on the spot / no hassle to find a spot ! / it lasts 3 hours,

Best Period

Often considered as the Hawaii of the Atlantic by the surfers, this volcanic archipelago emerges from the ocean to receive swells from all directions. 
These swells end up in a great variety of reefs and lava points, with power that can be compared to all the good surfing destinations.
Scorching in the sun and surfing with shorties consist of the uncountable attractions of the Canarian surf.

Lanzarote has a great quality wave, radical and powerful such as the waves from Hawaii’ North Shore, less the distance to travel over there…Surf is concentrated between Famara and La Santa.
Paddle surf along sandy beach breaks of Fuerteventura and Cojalero on North East zone. 
Tenerife has plenty crazy spots North East and South East coast.
Mellow breaks under the sun in Maspalomas South of Gran Canaria and tons of spots Full North coast.

From October to April, 1m to 5 meters waves unroll on the best exposed reefs. Tropical hurricanes coming from the South of the United States also send some pretty good Western waves in August and September.


Las Lagunas - El Cotillo : Shallow water, thick and crazy spot only for surfers with a lot of engagement… El Cotillo is a nice bechbreak which close out over 2m. a lot of people but great for intermediate and advanced levels.
The Bubble : a punchy spot, well known and hollow. Take care with sea urchins and localism.
Generosa : Cool for longboard. Situated North coast
Le Drapeau : Good for beginners and all levels. Close from center of Coralejo with bars & restaurants. 
El Buro : A lots of kite and windsurf. Works on summer sessions. For all levels. 
Bajo del Medio : Idéal for longboard. Long and easy wave
Playa del Mujer : Located in a bay ideal for beginners and during small swell
Shipwreck : Multipic rights & lefts. Quite crowded and some localism. 
Cruz Roja : Famous for windsurf. A large bay which works on N/O swell. Fun and easy.


250 day(s) / year

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 28°C (Summer) / 18°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 25°C (Summer) / 19°C (Winter)

Surf Story

We surf a lot and for a long time in the fortunate islands, as they were nicknamed.
From the South of Gran Canaria, to Tenerife’s coasts, going through Lanzarote and its neighbour Fuerteventura, the Atlantic’s Hawaii, the archipelago is well-known for its waves.
Nice in winter, always some swell, mild water and sun, barrels reachable by plane from France.We like their moon-like scenery, the fiesta and Latin atmosphere at night.
An excellent compromise : the warranty of going on a low-cost trip not too far away and the certainty of having waves of great quality.


Geologically speaking these islands are quite youn


The archipelago, off Morocco, consisting of seven major islands and six minor islands (the most important ones -Graciosa, Alegranza, Lobos – are located around Lanzarote) is expanding 450 km covering a total area of 7300 km².
For historical and political reasons, the Canary Islands are part of Spain, but geographers fasten it to Macaronesia, a region composed of by the volcanic archipelago gathering the Azores, Madeira and Cape Verde.

The landscape from a very uncommon volcanism, with various mountainous forms (caldrons, cones, “malpaises” which are kind of volcanic rock chaos, pipes etc…).
Geologically, the islands are made of lava and basalt with a fertile soil, especially generous after the rain which is becoming more and more uncommon.
In Tenerife, the Teide is the highest mountain of Spain (3 718m).

Coasts are interrupted for the most part by wide sand beaches, protected by reefs, forelands and profound bays. However, we can find in some regions many cliffs and other abrupt zones like in Gran Canaria’s Western and Northern coasts.

The weak rainfall and the islands’ own topography find some streams, but not any rivers.


FORMALITIES : a valid national ID (- 10 years) or a Passport. Arrecive is the capital of Lanzarote’s island.

LANGUAGE : Spanish but english and german is spoken in hotels & restaurants

HEALTH : no particular health recommendation is advised

TIME DIFFERNCIES : - 1 hour all year long.

WEATHER : the Canary Islands are located in the middle of the Atlantic, swept away by “alizés” winds and exposed to the mild marine currents bathing their coasts. The average temperature is 22° C (with little variations) except in the mountains where the temperature is lower. In summer, they seldom go beyond 31°C. The Canary Islands are also an ecological treasure, more particularly for their flora.

DRIVING CONDITIONS : you just need a driver’s license (French, Belgium) valid in the whole European Union. 

WATER / ELECTRICITY : the tap water is drinkable and can be drink without any fear. Power-points are set up in the islands for the de-salting.The electric current: 220 V

CURRENCY : the Euro.Banks are usually open Monday until Friday from 9.AM to 2.PM and some agencies are also open on Saturdays from 9.AM to 1.PM.In almost every important city and watering-places, you can withdraw money from the ATM machines with Eurocard MasterCard and Visa.

Price from

60€ for 1 night

Price includes

The price of the surf course includes the local tax IGIC, all the necessary equipment, transfer from your accommodation in Corralejo to the surf spot.The kids receive a certificate at the end of the surf course to show that they became a free spirited surfer at aloha surf academy !

Rates & Packages

1 jour
1 day
2 jours
2 days
3 jours
3 days
4 jours
4 days
5 jours
5 days
journée supp.
Extra day
Cours tout niveaux/
Courses all levels
60€ 110€ 150€ 200€ 245€ 50€

1 jour
1 day
2 jours
2 days
3 jours
3 days
4 jours
4 days
5 jours
5 days
journée supp.
Extra day
Cours tout niveaux/
Courses all levels
60€ 110€ 150€ 200€ 245€ 50€


  • 7 nights accommodation in a retreat house in Lajares
  • 5 days of surf course at our Academy (including material, transfers)
  • 6 yoga lessons
  • 6 meditation sessions after the yoga
  • Healthy fresh food for 6 amazing brunch and dinners
  • Fruit snack and tea before yoga classes
  • 1 Relaxing therapeutic massage

Aloha SOLO Package // from 490 euros

  • Transfer from the airport to the surf camp in Corralejo, and back
  • 7 nights by the surf camp Surf Riders in a dorm, breakfast included (WIFI available)
  • 5 days of surf course at our Academy (including material, transfers)
  • 1 evening dinner with one starter and one main course(4 options to choose from – drinks are extra)
  • 1 session of picture analyse so that the surfers progress faster

Aloha COUPLE Package (2 persons) // from 1’660 euros

  • Transfer from the airport to the Hotel in Corralejo, and back
  • 7 nights in a Hotel with exclusivity for adults in front of the sea, breakfast included
  • 2 surfaris with private tips
  • 5 surfaris for intermediate/advanced surfers
  • 1 romantic dinner in la Vaca Azul Restaurant in el Cotillo, including transfers from/to Corralejo

Aloha SPORT Package // from 699 euros

  • Transfer from the airport to the surf camp in Corralejo, and back
  • 7 nights by the surf camp “La Cometa”, bed in the dorm (WIFI available)
  • 5 days of surf course at our Academy (including material, transfers)
  • 1 Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) initiation
  • 1 Volcano Hiking Tour in Lajares
  • 1 Catamaran Tour to the island Los Lobos
  • 1 Try diving – go diving for beginners !

Aloha FAMILY Package (2 kids + 2 adults) // from 1’110 euros

  • Transfer from the airport to the apartment in Corralejo,and back
  • 7 nights in an apartment for 4 persons next to the sea
  • 3 days of surf course at our Academy (including material, transfers)
  • 1 aperitif to introduce you to Spain: Spanish class, including a jug of sangria & soft drinks for the kids
  • 1 cap for the kids and a certificate of the surf academy to take home

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