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VILLA DARNA From 1000€ for 7 nigths

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Africa > Morocco > Agadir
On the Spot - Family > Villas

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Splendid villa located 100 km south of Agadir, above the spot. Moroccan hospitality and empty waves will be your menu for a stay in this beautiful Surf area.

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From 1000€ for 7 nigths

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Splendid villa located 100 km south of Agadir, above the spot. Moroccan hospitality and empty waves will be your menu for a stay in this beautiful Surf area.

Head Points Combo
  • On the Spot
  • Family
  • On spot
  • Fishing
  • Bicycles
  • Excursions
  • Languages : French / English / Spanish
Head Points Accommodation
  • Double
  • Twin
  • Sea view
  • Services Included : Wifi / TV / Video / Games Room / Parking
  • Services non Included : Airport transfers
Head Points Water Sport
  • Best Period : All year
  • Surf Lessons
  • Equipment Rental
  • Waves Levels : Easy / Classic
  • Ability Level : Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

The Villa DARNA is located in Mirleft, 1h30 drive south of Agadir, in a fishing village Berbers.
Authenticity of the decor of this house, Moroccan hospitality and quality waves will be your menu for stays Surf in Southern Morocco.

Services Included

Free Wifi will be operable from April 2014

Services Included
  • Wifi
  • TV / Video / Games Room
  • Parking
Services non Included
  • Airport transfers
Other Services

We can arrange airport transfers


The region is too lovely to betray the secret spots, but do not worry, you'll find them easily by searching a bit on the spot ...
30 km north of Mirleft, and up to Agloo, you'll discover the preserve of Massa. 3 kms south, towards the ancient Spanish city of Sidi Ifni. 
 Little bays sheltered under the cliffs at the end of tracks accessible by 4x4 or even by normal car, a multitude of safe spots of sand or rock slabs.

The place is a great fishing area. Bring your fishing rods !

Other Activities
  • Fishing
  • Bicycles
  • Excursions

The villa is situated on a rocky cliff overlooking the immense fine sand beach  of Mirleft. 
On 180 °, sight of the ocean and its waves . 
Large of 200 m2 on 2 levels, including a living room, dining room, 4 bedrooms with sea view, with a capacity of up to 8 people, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a small garden and a huge terrace to dine and rest after a good surf session.

Everything is made so that you have nothing to do ... just to enjoy the splendid waves of the area!

Meal Plan

Naima will be your maid and your cook. She will clean every morning and will prepare all your lunches and dinners.
You'll just have to go in the morning with her to the marketplate to buy your vegetables, fish and food in the souk or in the shops of the village. Then she will take care of you and prepare delicious, fresh meals, typically Moroccan dishes, all different each day !

Sport Services

Several surf schools on Mirleft.
They will guide you to the most beautiful spots of the region and will offer courses and Surf equipment rental.
They also offer diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, Surf casting, trekking and mountain biking.

We'll give you contacts and adresses to organize your surf program.

An open swell window with regularity close to 300 days of surfing per year!


Fully exposed to the swell of N / W descending generated by the depressions of the North Atlantic Moroccan coast receives all types of waves.
With the wind protection offered some spots rocky point breaks, conditions can be fantastic in winter with waves 1m to 3.50m.
From May to September, conditions are more uncertain and less regular, but you can have some great sessions.

In winter, offshore winds blow from moderate to strong N / E, offering exceptional conditions from October to April. From May to September, the breath "Chergui" Hot Wind N / W which can affect the quality of the sessions. Tides vary from 0.6m to 2m and can affect shallow water spots.
A lot of sea urchins and rocks - Provide slippers. 3/2mm a combi from November to April for water 16 ° to 19 °.
From May to October, a shirt, a top or a springsuit are sufficient.


140 day(s) / year

Weather / Temperature

Air temperature : 35°C (Summer) / 20°C (Winter)

Water temperature : 22°C (Summer) / 18°C (Winter)

Surf Story

The first trip! With a Renault 4L, a bicolour Super 5, a Nevada break, a Peugeot courier or an old VW Euro van…
The road is going to be long, heading due South.Worry, anxious, sick of winter, dreaming about waves unrolling near Safi, la pointe des Ancres, la Banane, Bouilloires or more down South at the entrance of the desert…
If you want to learn more about surfing, you need to stop there.
This is the ideal excursion from October to May to get ready before the season on the French coasts.


In the Western minds, Morocco embodies all the Eastern seductions. A myth that is still establishing itself: Marrakech, Rabat’s mosques, Fes’ medina, an adventure from the Atlas Mountains to the desert’s immensity…
You definitely have to understand the romantic fascination that Morocco has exerted on the Western artists.Imperial cities, Berber Kasbahs, sumptuous mosques…the former French protectorate knows how to take the various faces of an Eastern charmer.Its gastronomy reveals new tastes in every meal; its snowy summits and its canyons seduce those who are insensitive to the vastness of the desert’s charm.
Its coastal towns are resting-places after the visit of the medinas, its cities take turn with the red-ochre ramparts and the doors slightly carved and gilded.


Morocco is a country bordering both seas : the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
In the Centre, the Rif and Atlas Mountain chains that block the scenery.
From this diversity of grounds was born a great variety of Moroccan landscapes which are among the most beautiful of the world.
The Atlantic coast is spreading out 2 800 km wide, whereas the Mediterranean coast only has 530 km of coast.
It is bordered of plains (Sebou, Mesema and Sous) which are the most populated and rich regions of the country.Beautiful beaches, harbours, and large centres like Casablanca, Safi and Rabat are following one another.


A valid Passport is required for travelling without any hotel reservation. European Union nationals whose stay (3 hotel nights max) has already been paid at a travel agency can be satisfied with their national ID.

Today, like every Arabic country, we distinguish the classic Arabic (or literary, accessible to the literate people) which is the language of education, administration and medias from the dialectal Arabic, spoken language that change according to the regions and the social classes.
Berber is the second language, used in many Moroccan regions. Most Moroccans who went to school can speak French.

No vaccine is required by the authorities for those coming from Europe. Some vaccines yet are useful for the traveller’s own safety.

Morocco is set to the Greenwich meridian time (GMT). When it is noon in France, it is 10.AM in Morocco in summer and 11.AM in winter.

Morocco’s climate is very different according to the regions : Mediterranean in the North, Atlantic in the West and Saharan in the South. Only the coastal regions are temperate. It also changes according to the seasons. Temperature gaps are sometimes very large in the same day.

Moroccans have their own way to read the road signs. Here, everything can happen ; therefore you need to pay attention.You should not drive at night. In case of accident, call right away the consulate and then the Police (very often you are first locked up and you may talk later).

Avoid fresh juices outside of hotels, ice cubes, milk and seafood outisde hotels or restaurant. The mineral water has to be opened in front of you.

Moroccan’s money is Dirham. 10 dirhams (Dh) is about 1 euro. Credit cards are accepted in most important institutions (hotels, restaurants, shops) and in most gas stations.
There are also in the large centres ATM machines where you can withdraw dirhams with most credit cards.

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1000€ for 7 nigths

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